Friday, August 28, 2009

Jaycee Dugard reunited with family after 18 year ordeal

I had read about it in 1991.
When she was kidnapped from her
neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe,
California she was just 11
years old.
Jaycee Dugard, the first victim
of this crime was taken 6/10/1991
as she walked to her school bus
stop, (police have confirmed) by
registered sex offender and
convicted kidnapper Phillip Craig
Garrido and his wife Nancy using
a gray sedan.

Garrido ran a printing business
as his means of support and kept
his victims in sheds and tents
behind his home near Antioch,
California. Mr. Garrido admits he
brought 2 daughters into the world
with his (at the time under aged)
victim, Miss Dugard, while living
at the same residence, with his
actual wife, the possible
accomplice in this case.

Mr. Garrido was brought under
suspicion after a routine back
round check by Officer Allison
Jacobs flagged him as a prior
sex offender on Federal parole
when he attempted to pass out
religious fliers accompanied by
2 female children on the University
Campus at Berkley in California.
His parole officer was notified
at that time. When Garrido went
to meet with his parole officer
with his wife Nancy and his victims
present, Mr. and Mrs. Garrido were
arrested by police. The sheds
and tents where his victims had
lived along with a gray sedan which
had long been in storage there
were discovered when police searched
the Garrido back yard.

Miss Dugard, now 29 (and her daughters)
have since been reunited with Her
original family.
I hope they are granted the long and
joyous lives together from this moment
forward which they so deserve.

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