Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's body is it, anyway?

Life in all it's grandeur is a kind of lease which ".....hath all too short a date. " (from Shakespeare's 18th Sonnet)
Death's shadows can bring tragedy to the most well managed and carefully planned set of living circumstances. The facts show we are at best in control of only part of what may eventually work it's way into our respective outcomes. Adding children multiplies this, not in a bad way.
Lack of health insurance in such circumstances can be bad, but not as bad as a carcinogen.

Medical practitioners will tell you "cancer runs in families, cancer screening can detect cancer early enough to treat it, health insurance can pay for the screening and treatment." Yet, remissions of cancer have been known to occur on their own, with out radiation, chemo-therapy or surgery. A bad health prognosis can improve. A person's intake of nutrients is only part of the total health profile.
What is the proximity of their ideas to a behavior that results in a life enhancing outcome? What toxins are contributing to the toxic loading of the organism? How effective are these toxins being removed from the organism? How are the stresses found in modern living being handled by the organism. What is the immune system of the organism occupying itself with? Are they spending large blocks of time under high tension power feeder lines? There are a myriad of relevant considerations to place into the strategy of survival each of us must operate to continue productive life. We are limited, and yet we are responsible as adults.
Let us not waiver this autonomy, this equanimity, this sovereign birth right of ours by instead employing or defaulting to some theocratic, fascist, jurisdiction or fiat of the health care provider, practitioner or the government at large, before we have fully considered what we stand to gain for any such trade off.

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