Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hemp Haiku

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"Galileo's free,
from the Vatican's decree.
Free Hemp D.E.A.!"

There's no carcinogens in a brownie.There's no toxicity associated with the ingestion of cannabis.There are vaporizers which heat the cannabis to extract the THC without burning it; thereby eliminating the fumes associated with combustion.The human brain has receptors for THC.The hemp plant seeds have very little THC but are a complete protein.The hemp plant has served human needs for centuries until it was outlawed corporately. The federal government is a corporation. Virtue attains Value!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Primacy of Consciousness Melt Down

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By now the wall street wizards along with their political soul mates have discovered whim is not equal to that which truly exists. The perception that wall street is fleecing the share holder won't go away. The fleecers have been too blatant for too long. Derivatives made of adjustable rate mortgages which defaulted collapsed the whole shell game, and now there's no propping it up.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fiat money monopolists must ultimately fail to provide values.

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So, being only Objectivists have the appropriate philosophical decks placed on the right philosophical supports (Objectivists standing on politics resting on ethics supported by epistemology on a proper metaphysical foundation) how can the scatter-shot macroeconomic plans of the fiat money monopolists (fmm) succeed?

It may be in the rational self interest of the fmm not to over (debt)load the Euro or the Amero and any other currency they come to control, or it may be in their "interest" to eviscerate these value storage metaphors as they have the Dollar (using their legions of altruistic minions). They (the fmm) don't speak our language. They are not motivated by objectivist decision trees. How can they provide us with a ... more cogent outcome, a value to our lives in the absence of this essential orientation? I don't think they (the fmm) have the philosophical framework to succeed in doing anything beyond "1984" the book, or World War II, the history.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roman Catholics ban Ron Howard shoot in churches

After 12 years of "Roman Catholic Education" I'm thankful to read anything Dan Brown is connected with. The movie turned out just fine in my opinion.
In my youth I was encouraged by my mother to become an altar boy. In the 1960's, it was still very much a male dominated function. At that time all of the responses we as altar boys were obligated to give back to the priest during mass were in Latin. When I went down for my orientation, in the cafeteria of my Grammar school, these responses were given further discussion. When the altar boy speaker at the orientation had a break for questions, mine was the first to be heard. "But what does it all mean?!!" I asked in my most earnest demeanor. "Just memorize it!" he exclaimed, in an exasperated tone.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is No political solution for Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp.

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The wrong Ideas get no results. Medical Marijuana for one.
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I don't think there is a political solution to help implement medical Marijuana. Politicians, have made everything illegal that takes away their power. Everything!
FDR made owning gold illegal for a time, William Randolph Hearst and his political patent hungry friends made Marijuana cultivation illegal in 1937. No amount of science or economics will resurrect industrial hemp if politicians have their way!

Richard Nixon signed the law that made real money unusable for legal tender in the United States.

Allodial rights to property has been removed in favor of eminent domain ready Real Estate.

I saw a film about how the tide was turned which allowed legislation to pass for suffrage of women in the United States. At the Kentucky Derby women threw themselves in front of the entertainment, and were trampled to death. This became the political embarrassment that lead to quick FEDERAL ratification of women's suffrage. Such an act couldn't be spun into terrorism or mental illness by the politicians. I do not advocate such altruism for the cause of Cannabis. I am merely pointing out how that problematic intransigence of the political mindset in those times was addressed. Have politicians changed since then? Has there been any incentive to?

Politicians will retain as much power as the people concede to them! Also because bank charters have allowed banks to finance both sides of a war; strange and criminal financial deals have proliferated in our history. For instance, Prescott Bush was vice president of a bank that was seized for supporting the Nazis.

During alcohol prohibition in America Al Capone wasn't the only alcohol smuggler.

Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in powering Aspartame through the FDA investigations to it's current worldwide status among food additives, although will show you why it's so toxic.

Europeans are renowned gastronomes, but did you know that they don't gain as much weight as Americans because they don't suppress the activity of their thyroid glands by fluoridation of their water supplies??!!

Politicians! Live long enough and it becomes apparent who is causing you to catch hell.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where in Tarnation is The American Industrial Revolution

This country is in possession of some of the greatest coal reserves in the world. Cheap Coal and Steam power drove the American Industrial Revolution. What we use for energy today is much much more expensive. This is what government sponsored monopolies in a mixed economy do; corner the market with specially designated territories and inflate prices. This is the opposite of innovation & competition folks!

By calculating war as part of the gross national product and by never living within some quotient of accounts receivable, the paradigm challenged hominids we call politicians can squander all that the productive sector of the economy will ever produce now and forever!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Preserving Privacy

In the time that Eliot Spitzer held the Governor's post he was talented, insightful and productive. I am particularly fond of his attempt to eliminate payola in the music broadcast industry. Here is a man who understood that performance art should exist and gain patrons on it's own merits- not through bribery. To preserve an individuals privacy, certain human behaviors among consenting adults should have been regulated, not prohibited. To the degree that we have failed to regulate these human behaviors, we have failed to preserve and protect the privacy of those who are criminalized for participating in these private human behaviors among consenting adults. It is regrettable.
Going forward, we may avoid visiting the same fate on future citizens by ending the prohibition of adult patronage of Prostitution, adult use of Cannabis, Casino Gambling. Regulating and taxing these adult behaviors will provide revenue to enhance public safety and return us to a dynamic in society where the privacy of our citizens is preserved and protected by our laws.