Monday, September 28, 2009

The Movie: Surrogates

I enjoyed the plot detail. However, like "The Matrix',  "Aeon Flux", "The Day the Earth Stood Still",  "Equilibrium", "Forbidden Planet", "Terminator" and many other Science Fiction movies you know these things always end with the destruction of dystopia causing technology gone horribly wrong. These are different than movies like "Alien" or "Predator"  and "AVP" in the sense that in the latter type it is a malevolent life form being eliminated to restore balance among humanity, not a technology. In the movies "Forbidden Planet" "The Matrix", "The Golden Compass" and  "Equilibrium" both boxes would be checked. The point of "Surrogates" seems to be that while real technological surrogates (androids networked to our brains with hardware, firmware and software) could provide a kind of second life in real life for society's handicapped and physically challenged members when they needed it (to go to places physically the challenged found no access), it would ultimately be abused by everybody just like the prescription anti-anxiety / anti-pain medications we're familiar with in real life. Here abuse happens because those seeking fantasy once enabled would soon choose  to never leave their apartments sober and as themselves. To reclaim the human condition for humanity, the hero ( Bruce Willis) must unplug real people from the surrogate network. (I thought that was  Morpheus's job.) So working your way to responsibility and adulthood in this flick would  not guarantee you could do what you wanted with your life because someone else would judge the efficacy of your paradigms and adjust the game accordingly. Any way you splice it, that's a lot of lines of code to corrupt, edit, or debug. Seems that for  something with that much effort and money behind it there would be better safeguards and the location of the mainframe would not allow access to the general population (like in "Aeon Flux",  "Resident Evil" and The Matrix). Yet, TV still exists here and there while our own World Trade center complex faced premature demolition in 2001.
Basing an entire society on surrogate activity as a primary living circumstance is where this screen play becomes utter fantasy,  although like Wall Street trading, it would seem to be one of the ultimate RPGs (Role Playing Games) this life could offer.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Philanthropy is an act of volition, not coersion.

The idea of philanthropy is a prerogative you may wield if you have the means and the inclination. It is not the government's job to extract charity or sacrifice from you by means of force, even if they are democratic or arbitrary about it.

The laws are not as plain.

The constitution says representation and income tax shall be apportioned, not collected according non-apportionment (democracy or political whim or statist mandate or bank fiat).

Apportionment means Congress is supposed to take a census, set up a budget and divide it equally amongst the inhabitants (excluding slaves taxed as 3/5 of a person and Indians not taxed as they are of foreign nations). The 13th amendment abolished slavery.
The 14th amendment gave free non-inhabitants the right to attain citizenship under residency, and the right to due process under the law although not the same dejure status of the FREE BORN OF STATES.
15th amendment gave voting rights to resident citizens which could no longer be withheld due to race, color or previous conditions of servitude.(Women were excluded from sufferage till 19th amendment).

The 16th amendment said "Congress shall have the power to tax all incomes without regards to the origin of the income." It is assessed in a non-apportioned manner on residents (everybody treated as a resident for tax purposes) by jurisdiction and contract where they either never were free born of one of the states or have submitted knowing and intelligent waivers to such inhabitant status (such as by agreeing under residency rules to: "abide by all the rules of the bank" when getting a bank account or receiving some benefit under residency or by having their mail sent to their "residence" instead of a post office box). Prima Fascia proof of residency along with contract to a bank under residency rules places one under the 16th amendment arrangement for non-apportioned tax obligations...... in MY VIEW.

In law, excluding some influence of contract or jurisdiction or both, the words income and wage are separate with separate meanings and so are the words resident (debtor- owing their citizenship to 14th amendment, an act of Congress) and inhabitant (creditor, someone to whom a debt is owed- a peer of any in political power who took such a vocation by volition- to serve the people as representatives.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Is China getting ahead of the curve in mental health?

Will trends practiced there be perfected and exported?

Search China, mental health. in the search field.

The transcript (Originally Aired: September 11, 2009} and audio download of this video which showed the disturbing trend to diagnosis many of the political dissidents in china as psychotic is still available if you go to and search the topic "China Mental Health".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The theory of Divine Command as it applies to Government provided Health Care.

What if God handed down through prophecy and revelation
that government provided health care was a sacred
imperative after all?
( command theory)

Divine command theory is an attempt to cover a lapse
in judging whether "God" spake a just command or not
with the "Fig leaf of belief" that following any such
"Divine Utterance" would bode well for for the devotee(s)
even at the expense of everything related to considering
the epistemological origins of such purportedly divine

The Divine Command theory is therefore a valueless
irrational canard and can only represent the most blatant
foray into illogical nonsence.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Loss of value storage in the alien welfare state

Gold is trading at over $1000/ ounce as of 9-9-09. Value storage in dollars is slipping rapidly as federal debt increases beyond any reasonable ability to service that debt. In such a milieu, the (woman/man) who fails to establish and protect his autonomy among fellows on some viable socioeconomic footing is clearly heading towards extinction as as individual. Such a condition, with it's attendant diminution of privacy, is not going to meet the standard for adult resources and prerogatives in a western context. This is the insidious goal of any alien welfare state's direction, legislation or agenda. The alien welfare state is well rooted in American soil today, no matter the Framer's intent.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The case for employing a sence of perportion

The problem with data.
There is a large trail of information indicating the practice of governance over known history. This information is not accessable to functionally illiterate people. Add to this a loss of all sence of perportion and you have tubes of tooth paste knocking down telephone poles and no one questioning the mass and energy impossibility.

Don't swallow the narrative.

Narrative:  No cure for ebola.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Health care is man made.

The health care system is broken , you may have heard. Although some may agree our health care should be considered a basic human right, such an idea would need to draw it's funds and mandate from the corporeal rhealm. This differentiates health care from those other "God given" human rights requiring both faith to discern and belief to sustain them. Additionally, any right to health care would need to be planned for in a coherent manner, a jurisdiction such that it can't be undone by poor purse strings, poor boilerplate or poor ethics, any of which are abundant human resources currently.
A constitutional convention could be convened for this purpose, concurrent with a balanced budget amendment therein, so that we don't go redundant on this mandate or hobble an otherwise noble sentiment with lesser corporeal types of spending on further wars to nowhere. This could begin to face the task at hand, if there were a Ryder to legalize all forms of hemp to act as a "health welfare check" revenue stream for health care. Such a right, which is not the correct word, (lets call it health welfare checks for U.S. Citizens instead) enumerated in the bill of rights would be formidable. This would be less assailable except by a further Constitutional convention to undo it, like alcohol prohibition. It would be more honest also, to call it a health welfare check amendment. And while we're busy adding government welfare fiats to our bill of rights, there's that Pesky notion of apportionment in matters of representation (just redact it to read any corporate or bank officer may serve) and income tax (redacted to read monies from any origin become taxes as banks shall dictate). Also, that slope to hell on Earth needs signage.