Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Philosophy Virtue is ever the hand maiden of Value.


Sadly, it points back to the flawed idea that President Barack Obama could somehow fix the problems of Wall street without separating the speculative church of high priest lawyers and accountants from the state of collapsing businesses and virtue driven workers (many honest lawyers and acountants and business persons) who's value was that they alone create the goods and services which form the currencies of all true markets.
Barack Obama simply chose to support non-value derivative producing Wall Street with a bail out and true value goods and services Main Street with an unemployment line. But to get to this reasoned hypothesis we must comprehend the philosophical necessity that "virtue is the action that attains the value"; what ever the value chosen- the congruent virtue must fulfill it.
VIRTUE is the hand maiden of VALUE.
Horribly, the value chosen here was not Main Street with it's goods and services, but that of Wall Street, the producer of the empty toxic debt derivatives which collapsed the world financial markets and with it the promised and undeliverable welfare state.
The congruent virtue used to fulfill the value sought in the Wall Street bail out is Congress's Constitutional power to print money, mint coin and assign the value thereof.
Clarence R. Dember jr.

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