Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 27

I found out about and watched this attempt to paraphrase the deranged mental condition of Mark David Chapman that allowed him to do what he will always be known for instead of what he "thought" he could accomplish by the unforgivable & insane attack on Mr. John Lennon which caused Mr. Lennon's untimely and tragic death. It seems the prism of media fed an aspect of the polarized message filtering down to the masses who are for the most part sane. That Mr Lennon was a parent of a young child never figured into the calculus of the murderer. Most people in society can digest rationally the likes of Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair well enough. Most never act out like the insane folks who go postal after conflating what they read in fictionalized novels ("Catcher in the Rye"- for instance) with "entertainment media" about recording artists, actors and musicians. It's the few lunatics among us that are killing the artists, producers and TV sitcom personalities (murdered "My Sister Sam" star Rebecca Schaeffer comes to mind). This goads the wrest of us to live in gated communities. In this sense we are now learning about the security imperatives politicians and religious icons the world over have learned about and put into practice since these tragedies have begun to proliferate in modern times.