Sunday, August 16, 2009

Campaign spoils or entitlement programs?

There is of course a democratic (majority rule) aspect to this health care agenda. Because the media has worked tirelessly to portray this nation and the citizens in it as part and parcel of democracy, the affluent individuals in the United States now find themselves at long last without a powerful leader to champion their property rights.
They have sat on the sidelines, knowing that wealth has guaranteed them an inside track while the spoils of eminent domain legislation were carved out of the middle class, for wealthy business exploits and regional economic fiats. The mighty affluent speculated with questionable financial instruments backed by what amounted to bridge loans, and when it all collapsed the world economy, they got in line for their too big to fail government bail out and bonus checks. The empowered affluent have changed the headquarters of their corporations to Dubai, to escape a strict accounting of their no bid contracts here in the United States.
All the while the millennium generation has been learning that "might makes right". That the U.S. Constitution was less of a guide for domestic and international policy than the record profits multinational financial, energy, oil, and drug conglomerates could realize as the worlds energy and resources are bought up corporately and metered back to each person on the planet through the filters and valves and spigots of technology irrespective of the collateral cost on families and the tax base in our own shrinking middle class. The young have been watching, conditioned to reject the idea that to protect the rights of an individual, a republic with borders was established. They reject that for additional rights to be enumerated among the bill of rights they must be ratified at a constitutional convention.They reject that the Constitution and not the transnational corporation provided for a system of representative government formed under democratic principles with a division of powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. They reject that the Constitution sets forth that attainders of treason shall not work corruption of blood, that a relevant system of apportionment for representation and taxation is within the U.S. Constitution and that there shall be no ex post facto law and that there shall be a right to a speedy trial by your peers and the separation of church and state with freedom of assembly and freedom of religious practice.
Although transnational banks, oil and drug companies granted no such contract to the citizens of the United States they own media.
The framers of the United States Constitution who grew Hemp for cloth and parchment had planned for citizens rights within a strong republic. The media ignores them.
We don't even use Hemp for biomass ethanol production today! Should our Constitution and Bill of Rights share a different fate?
So now, the carefully cultivated majority wants their part of the pie. The pundits call it "spoils". Looks like just another garden variety entitlement program to me.
What's the point?
I am highlighting the mob rule our gang political pressure groups who could care less about the rights of the individual and the users of dysfunctional concepts such as reward for non- productivity and virtue attaining a value which works against the lives that ultimately furnish the virtue.

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