Friday, August 27, 2010

What matters in politics.

Tell me human lives matter in politics & I'll agree, with reservations. In particular "Indian Reservations" would be an important exception these days it seems.
Dispite dire warnings from N.Y.State Troopers that attempting to collect N.Y. State tax on cigarettes sold (to non tribe members buying) from Native American stores could result in "violence and death" N.Y. Governor David A.Patterson has vowed to enforce $4.50 per pack NYS sales tax on cigs sold to non- Indian customers as soon as September 1st, Wednesday 2010.
All Tribes have refused to collect what appears to them to be an Out of Jurisdiction tax.
The western idea that United States citizens who are under bank, municipal, state, federal, corporate, jurisdiction and can therefore not act in free commerce with Indian Merchants is as foreign today to Native American Life and thinking as the private, state and federal ownership of property was in 1794 when they first signed treaties with the Great White Father and his minions.
But, can we say that Ethno-centrism is the reason Governor Patterson is stepping up the kind of rhetoric which can only be percieved as bellicose to Tribespersons state wide, even nationwide?
There was a saying I read on a noted educator's wall back when I worked as a civil servant for the State University of Old Westbury in Long Island N.Y. It said "A lack of proper planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part".
It can be said that New York, & the United States are experiencing an economic down turn, the likes of which have not been seen since the great depression.
After making ethanol out of corn instead of hemp & allowing the drugs in Alcohol & tobacco to excape regulation by the FDA dispite their lethal hazards for so many years, and after living under a system of Aportionment re: the U.S.Constitution yet implementing systems of non- aportioned taxation on wages and income alike for decades & devolving from a Constitutionally prescribed specie of money to fiat currency & debt; does this now warrant war?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mosque near Ground Zero

What people build on their property is ordinarily up to the property owner and the zoning board.
This particular proposal has created a firestorm. When have matters driven by faith done otherwize?
Not only has the narrative of how the World Trade Center was destroyed come under credentialed question (Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth), putting a Masque where it is not wanted is an invitation for vandalism and lawlessness similar to that experienced on other religiously contested holy sites.
If anything religious is built there it should be an all faiths chapel.
Secular folks have got to teach all religious to get along and share the planet, starting with just such a proposed religious space as this near ground zero.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1984 is here again for 2nd Handers!

Getting harder for the Sports Dude / Dudette to correlate sports team victories to anything at all. So, remember those sports figures are like Hercules and Achilles- Demi-Gods all. Rooting for them is the next best thing to actually being kin to Hera, Gaea, Athena, Aphrodite, Rhea, Psyche, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo..., or Zeus himself !

"With the strength of ten men he slew 1,ooo of the enemy wielding only the jawbone of an ass." Yeah, that's some legacy Mr Samson.. (...for the Bible followers among us). We use Tomahawks that spew fire and travel at 550 mph nowadays.

With all of the U.S. military bases around the world, you'd run out of States before you could assign our fighting and support forces (offense & defense) a State to sponsor and root for each of them, (600+ over seas U.S. Military bases) even if we assigned each (of our 50) State(s) SIX Military Base "fighting forces" exclusively.

What detail those large screen TVs could show as our modern day Gladiators operate in their respective theaters of conflict.
But now we're told the entertainment is winding down at Oceania. The forces in Eurasia and East Asia are our Allies. Has it not always been so? In honor of our victory Chocolate rations are up 1/4 percent. That's double plus good isn't it Brothers and Sisters? Those inner party members really have a grip on things! When were trends ever better?

With the anti-sex leagues pulling out all the stops in the UAE, and Asia, our Military and corporate foot prints are going to have to get the latest newspeak dictionary from the inner party soon. Too much use of un-words and your cashiered as an un-person, like Winston and Julia! ...Agents of Goldstein! Failing to perfect your language means soon you'll be spending a stint in room 101, for thought crime.

" Here comes a candle to light you to bed. Here comes a chopper to chop off your head".