Thursday, August 20, 2009

The N.Y. recent Taconic State Parkway tragedy in perspective.

The driver who has been sited as the primary cause of the recent Taconic State parkway wrong way head on collision and deaths certainly behaved in a manner uncharacteristic of any conscientious adult this side of sanity. Which points to some facets of the psycho-pharmacology of alcohol which differ markedly from Cannabis. At the level of non-therapeutic etoh (ethyl alcohol) dosage discovered, black outs may ensue with severe impairment in judgment as a direct consequence. The brain of a binge drinker may also begin to manufacture endorphin like molecules to mitigate the abundance of the alcohol in their systems while at the same time ending manufacture of the body's regular endorphins. These new Tetra-hydra-quinalines or thq's are highly addictive in and of themselves and similar to Morphine. They will lead to the addict's further dosing themselves with etoh to get more. Addicts do protect their supply of their drug of choice and are often expert manipulators to keep those doses coming when the urge presents itself. This person likely died before the unmanaged etoh use was detected and or confronted. It's not such a reach when one considers that ethyl alcohol is revered and used in major religious practices (the blood of christ) in some Christian quarters, in particular that of Roman Catholic religious service. Also with respect to significant others being cast as enablers by the surviving bereaved, I would ask that we honor the dead by remembering their contributions to the lives they touched. The Constitutional admonition to avoid the transference of blame to inculpable parties also seems relevant. "Attainders of treason shall not work corruption of blood."

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