Saturday, October 15, 2016

My decision process on election day

I look at my decision on election day in this way & from the following angle. I think what people have created in their careers goes on the resumes they offer to perspective  employers. Politics is no different in this respect. We need to look at what the approach  to  problem solving is from the perspective of political candidates. What have the respective candidates created in their careers to meet related challenges. Trump: created real estate people want to live in,  Books people want to read, Resorts people want to go to. He is a business man who knows how to create value. He did this in a political environment where money is NOT a safe store for value. He is a financial wise man.

Hillary: created  war and death; Lots of death and scarcity. But she did this in the name of the United States. She did this in OUR NAME. She is already a  bureaucrat who knows how to create death & scarcity with other people's money.