Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Health care is man made.

The health care system is broken , you may have heard. Although some may agree our health care should be considered a basic human right, such an idea would need to draw it's funds and mandate from the corporeal rhealm. This differentiates health care from those other "God given" human rights requiring both faith to discern and belief to sustain them. Additionally, any right to health care would need to be planned for in a coherent manner, a jurisdiction such that it can't be undone by poor purse strings, poor boilerplate or poor ethics, any of which are abundant human resources currently.
A constitutional convention could be convened for this purpose, concurrent with a balanced budget amendment therein, so that we don't go redundant on this mandate or hobble an otherwise noble sentiment with lesser corporeal types of spending on further wars to nowhere. This could begin to face the task at hand, if there were a Ryder to legalize all forms of hemp to act as a "health welfare check" revenue stream for health care. Such a right, which is not the correct word, (lets call it health welfare checks for U.S. Citizens instead) enumerated in the bill of rights would be formidable. This would be less assailable except by a further Constitutional convention to undo it, like alcohol prohibition. It would be more honest also, to call it a health welfare check amendment. And while we're busy adding government welfare fiats to our bill of rights, there's that Pesky notion of apportionment in matters of representation (just redact it to read any corporate or bank officer may serve) and income tax (redacted to read monies from any origin become taxes as banks shall dictate). Also, that slope to hell on Earth needs signage.

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