Thursday, September 22, 2011

Canadian fluoride expert recants fluoride dogma.

Fluoride. Have you heard, (despite massive and overpowering influence) about just how toxic this mineral is?

"http://www.apfn Clarence Dember http:/ /www.fluoridation .com/abstract .htm •

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More on mandatory drug screening for government clients

OK, from my previous postings, you already know I pass an annual drug screen to provide for myself. What taxes can be collected under contract are collected and redistributed when and wherever the government and it's banking system see fit (to sustain porous boarders, provide welfare to drug addicts, give cheap loans and kick backs to corporations that are killing people, provide questionable narratives to fund bogus non-scientific studies to explain catastrophic planned skyscraper demolitions and other failed fema and nist and cfr and extrogovernmental escapades.) My point: since my drug free dollars are supporting drug addled entitlements let them stop right now until everybody accepting these setasides gets screened annually. An E-mail I got has suggested the new federal drug screens can be called "Urine or your out"! Oh you take drugs? I don't, so your not my constituency. Kick everyone off the Dole that fails a drug screen since keeping them only fosters denial and law breaking. You just screen them and drop the dirty ones. This is good public policy because it will save billions of budget dollars. Oh yeah, and it's what I want to happen to double standard hypocrites. Ah, your FHA MORTGAGE SHOULD REQUIRE AN ANNUAL DRUG SCREEN. Congressional franking privilages and write-offs on transportation; annual drug screen. Just been awarded a government contract? Here's your cup, annual mandatory pee test for the duration of each contract. Kidney trouble? Blood and hair. Mortgage tax give backs; a drug screen for each year of eligibility. Drop every dirty government client and see who's left standing. Since you took the money, take the urine, tyrants!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shall we quantify the National Debt for our Youth

My attempt goes something simple like this: The wealth discribed by the word billionaire = one thousand millions of dollars. There are in the world 1210 people who have at least this much money. When we add the wealth of these few people together, the least we can realize as a sum (given that there are those who have more than one billion) would therefore be 1210 billions of dollars. The wealth described in one trillion dollars = 1000 billions of dollars. The wealth represented by the national debt exceeds the wealth of all the (solitary) billionaires in the world by a factor of 11.8181818182 x. Stated another way, to pay off the National debt would require 11.8181818182 thousand. (solitary) billionaires to each pony up a thousand million or one billion. The world does not contain this many people who have become at least (1) billionaires. In the words of one of the James Bond movies: "The world is not enough". How can sane people ( we represent ourselves as such) contemplate such grandure while ignoring the slip towards tyranny servicing such a staggering debt imposes?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The movies.

I just saw Captain America. It reminded me of Max Payne. I liked my own stint in the service better. This is not a substitute for spending a few years in the military. Everything that happens there can not be reduced to good versus insanity. The process of human growth from inexperience is not found in laboratory test tubes, failed scientific experiments or stoic exploits. Good training is more than inspiration and for the most part, less than heroic. War seems to teach only the wise.

Friday, July 22, 2011

U.S.A.= Bartertown 8/15/11...,?

From the movie "Beyond Thunder Dome" Master Blaster to Auntie Entity : "Who runs Barter Town?" Auntie Entity to Master Blaster: "Master Blaster runs Barter Town!" Master Blaster: "Release (methane) embargo!" Will the United States end it's tenure as a super power as Rome did at the end of the Roman empire, (sacked by the Visigoths ) or as England did after the American Revolution? Will we devolve into a low energy profile barter town as portrayed in the movie "Beyond Thunderdome"? Does any of this affect Congress or the Federal Reserve at all?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can Federal debt ever be retired?

There are 1210 billionaires in the world as of march 2011 accordimg to the World billionaires list of Forbes. To retire the U.S.A. debt. you would need 14.3 thousand billionaires to pony up $1000 million each (1 billion dollars). Put another way there are over 310,000,000 people in the USA. For them to retire our 14.3 trillion in debt each would have to give over $46,000. Isn't it easier to quit budgetary over runs?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Value reversal and negation re: workplace size and conditions.

My work history has illustrated in a small company, what you know is valued to the point where it eventually runs up against what other people know. For example, in a small company where the drug free workplace is NOT enforced at the administrative level but only at the work site; the drug addled supervisor wants subordinates to be knowledgeable. S(he) has to do less work when subordinates know what is going on. Yet when a sober compliant subordinate (scs) realizes an administrator or supervisor is drug dependant and blatantly addled by it, it becomes difficult for the (scs) worker to lend support to a work situation that is being demonstratably sabotaged from above. In a large company with more thorough compliance on the drug free workplace human resource management front what the (scs) worker knows is often discounted against what administration does not know about the work process. To the degree administrative competancies (a/c) fail to comprise real work processes a/c will act towards defacilitation of scs workers in Lew of micromanagement. Management itself only happens in requisite knowledge / competency pools (k/cp), and not in knowledge / competency vacuums (k/cv). K/cv is experienced in the often pejorative MBA influence on work places lacking engineering and regulatory k/cp (and personnel). The (scs) worker who has been thus defacilitated, soon run out of challenges to stimulate growth and any sense of accomplishment in their work place. The challenge of good human resources management is traded off for efficiency where it can be justified / quantified on a spread sheet. The "I don't have to know your job to manage your job" white collar myth is thus empowered. At this point, if the (scs) worker(s) don't need to face this kind of scale down without the input engineering and training can add to administration; (scs) workers leave in droves for new challenges found on the nearest horizon or cubicle farm. So "married with a mortgage" in an scs worker looks better to administration than single with talent in an scs worker who may be lured away. This creates a restaffing, retraining management crisis which may lead to mission impossible at the work site since economic conditions vary. It can only be resolved by k/cp in engineering.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The New York State Prison Expansion.

In New York after passage of the Rockefeller drug laws 38 years ago; a large part of gubernatorial politics consisted of prison building to hold vast numbers of illegal narcotics criminals who became over night felons. Movies like "the French Connection" and other exploitation flicks helped desensitize the public to the incarnation of this new class of criminals. Prison jobs became a kind of social welfare for economically blighted upstate New York. (Although Cannabis is still classified in law as a dangerous and useless narcotic, alcohol poisoning kills people. Cannabis can not equal the toxicity of any narcotic while alcohol is classified as a beverage that kills.) Carcinogenic materials in foods are prohibited by the Delaney clause. Some foods contain natural substances which are carcinogenic, such as safrole, which occurs in sassafras and sweet basil. Such substances are covered by the Delaney clause, so that safrole may not be added to root beer in the USA. Had the Governors and legislatures in New York (and U.S.A. at large) instead reverted to one of their namesakes (Hempstead) and grown hemp, they could have ended the dearth of jobs and gained needed tax revenue without wasting all of that money on prisons for Cannabis users which they conflated with other opium based & synthetic narcotics traffickers. The point of the inner party members in the book and the movie "1984" WAS to waste money! They could then remain in control while everybody else had the boot heel of an oppressive and canniving state stepping on their faces forever. Aspartame is many ways toxic to humans. European flight crews comming to the U.S.A. are warned not to use soda fountains incase aspartame canasters get switched with the regular soft drink canisters. Among it's effects Aspartame effects fitness for piloting aircraft . Yet, it holds the coveted GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status among food additives; a blatant violation of the FDA Delaney clause. This food additive / chemical compound of 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methyl ester is in the class known among neurologists as exciter toxins + a poisonous methyl ester. The first 2 ingredients are present in amounts well beyond that found in foods (4%). They excite and then kill neurons. The last ingredient with it's weakly bound (and absent pectin) so called methyl ester becomes wood alcohol above 86° Fahrenheit. Methanol is then made into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) when digested. See for more on aspartame. Since alcohol and aspartame are each more toxic than cannabis and it's complete food the hemp seed; why don't lawyers make an equivalent legal class for the cannabis leaf equal to "alcoholic beverage" only call it a "psychoactive herb class"?? Hemp seeds themselves are not psychoactive and are legal as a complete food. Plenty of potential revenue can be had from the remaining leaves and cordage and unlike the neurotoxin alcohol, or the carcinogenic diketopiperazine- a break down product from aspartame; Cannabis kills no one. Put warnings on tins and pouches not to mix anti-nausiants with alcohol and tax the growers. Lets dispense with one law that has bred contempt for the law for about 40 years. Again, we should not allow Aspartame in food or pop as it is a blatant violation of the Delaney clause which prohibits the secretary of the FDA from allowing things in foods that cause cancer in humans or have caused cancer in animal studies. What is clearly wrong with the minds of the people who have allowed this mess to proliferate is they don't follow their own laws or rational self interest.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who says science has nothing to say about morality?

Perhaps we should change our politics.

In his book Nemesis the late professor of Asian studies Chalmers Johnson stated the United States has over 700 military bases world wide. He further states that the military base is how our (the United States) empire is propagated. He asserts that to maintain an empire or to preserve our individual freedoms and culture without slipping into fascist dictatorship is the crossroad which all empires ultimately face. He represents in the case of England how this was accomplished successfully while in the case of Rome the divestiture of empire came in the form of collapse. Think of the power requirements of each one of those military bases. Think of the fuel costs to operate all of the vehicles in the air on land and at sea and the fuel for emergency power back up generators each base has or more regularly the monitary costs to receive that power from commercial grids in host countries. Factor in the cost of personnel and household goods in storage and the cost of accommodations for military families living over seas. Factor in the costs of readiness exercises and standard evaluation teams traveling around the globe to maintain the quality of that military presence. There are plenty of estimates how much all of this costs. It's going to cost even more now that our 10 year treasury bonds are not triple A rated. The same old politics needs more time and revenues for more military strategic planning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where is the road to sustainable energy?

I think we need to ask if innovation is only possible during a political crisis. Politics effects outcomes in technology all the time. Take the power grid for instance. When we had a coherent immigration policy, (substitute "more racist" here if you wish) it was thought that given time we'd need fewer power generation stations. Not only was there the foreseeable realization of zero population growth to limit power consumption; improvements in insulation and solid state transisters replaced older tube technology as control elements for relays, motor control and switchgear. Computers made further automation possible using less and less power until the winds in politics allowed more open (less discrimination at the ) borders. With population growth, (pent up demand for housing, education, healthcare, employment oh yeah- a spike in power consumption by the ever growing number of house holds and population) should have been challenge sufficient for innovation if the money was less debt loaded by war borrowing. However, the boom and bust cycles of economic tides always wash away large amounts of savings in debt service thanks to the innovation of war for profit by Neo-cons as well as financial malfeasance in finantial and public office. Constant wars edify politicians who want the larger budgets war always affords and also the financial sectors loaning monies for that economic process so as to extract the interest on those treasury bonds held as collateral. It now seems the resultant weak dollar policy has backfired, leading to a drop in manufacturing and the standard of living, an unaffordable infrastructure in our cities and on our roads, bridges and tunnels. This breakdown has been joined by rising unemployment and youth gang violence. Drug addicted criminals whose hard working parents (spending longer hours at work to store up money which buys less and less) failed to make time for imparting more recognized and legal work ethics in their offspring. While our racist preconceptions also got us into war after war, politicians enlisted corporate media in actually changing the grammatical useage & meaning of the word war so that it could be waged against conditions instead of armies. War on fear, poverty, drugs, prejudice and now terrorism,... perpetually! Technological advances in energy production have therefore been channeled into ever more efficient means of prosecuting these wars as our main export. I have no doubt that ending war & living within some multiple of accounts receivable will restore purchasing power to the dollar, allowing r&d money to go further. Such behavior can foster the development of sustainable energy production and greater self determined outcomes merely due to social rather than antisocial imperatives. Once our money gives each working citizen deserved breathing room as an entitlement, think of it -the actual prospect of social harmony! But, to get there we have to want this alternative to incessant wars and the profits we extract from the development, sales and deployment of killing machines. We have to want freedom enough to change our politics.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Religion and politics mixed with policy in government

An outstanding example of religion and politics mixing with policy was when the religion of Lord John Maynard Keynes ( expand markets without controls on debt ) evolved into the weak dollar policy we have today. Dr Alan Greenspan embellished this religion with an additional item of faith (removal of the Glass Steagal act of 1933) which then allowed banks brokerages and insurance entities (corporations being persons legally ) to: 1). relax criterion on real estate loans for greater sales. 2). bundle bad mortgages into adjustable rate mortgage backed securities. 3). insure these cash pipes as though they were low risk derivatives and sell them to clients with an appetite for unknown risk. Without even mentioning the word war one need not look hard to find instance after instance where policy is run off of faith based beliefs. The road to fascist dictatorship is riddled with such belief driven policy orchestrated by a true believers trade off of the rights of individuals for religious or nonreligious collectivism.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My letter to N.Y. Senator Owen Johnson

Hi your honor. Congratulations on yours and your colleagues success at grappling with some of the most thorny issues on the contemporary horizon. I have always maintained that human behaviors found to exist before and during all recorded history must be faced up to cogently and responsibly, as they are part and parcel of our lot here in this life as people. Also it is known far and wide that to successfully tax a population requires both contract and jurisdiction which are at once agreeable to each of the parties as well as enforceable from an authoritarian perspective. When ever laws don't stand the test of time, it is these premises that have been given short shrift. Onward and upward then! Clarence Dember jr

Do we need better drug store security?

The recent tragedy of the brutal and mindless Medford Drug store shooting on Long Island calls into question whether any security measures can stem the flow of this kind of violence involving murder by gun, addiction and theft of merchandise (in particular pain killing narcotic medication.) It has been said in the media that the victims: pharmacist Raymond Ferguson- Family and friends (f&f), mother of two Jaime Taccetta. (f&f), Student Jennifer Mejia (f&f) and loving husband Byron Sheffield (f&f) all died at the hands of a pain killer prescription addict and his get away car driver wife. The medicine they were after-a form of synthetic opiate. The one question in my mind is could these senseless killings have been avoided if counseling and treatment had been available to the alledged killers who clearly had run out alternatives visible to drug addicted chemically addled criminal mentalities. If the answer is no; I'll ask what about if medical marijuana were available? If the answer is still no, then maybe we should pass laws requiring armed guards at all such drug markets. Drug companies whose drugs are marketed under these tightly controlled conditions may pool resources and purchase contracts with any number of armed security firms so as to improve the safe and regular dispense of these trademarked and patented as well as generic compounds. This slaughter must not be repeated!

Are there Manchurian candidate look alikes ?

The 2 versions of this movie beggars the question. Are there forms of criminal behavior that smacks of mind control and agents of chaos? Or is this violence in contemporary society just the effect of every day conditioning?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have been using the internet from 2 computers. Both of these are sharing a wireless network. One is a tower I've built and the other is an imac I've purchased. Approximately 3 months now I've found it impossible to get online with the imac without login. The tower can go on line but is severely limited. Gone are the days when login was unassociated with EULA. For that kind of a journey, literacy and books are better.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gilgo murders point to failure of prostitution prohibition

At this point there have been 5 bodies found within the same 1mile section of Long Island's Gilgo beach. All of the press coverage is pounding readers about the apparent failure of any measures to stem the flow of these violent and tragic deaths.
Folk like me (who saw the solution to this social dilemma years ago, ) are completely ignored by the religiously cowed journalists. They attempt to represent that it is sensible, moral and alttruistic to live with the horror of anonymous serial murder and the costly police overtime to crack these difficult cases. More sensible than mandating a log be kept of all sex worker client transactions such that the perpetrator of violent interaction be among the suspects immediately at hand should the events arrize to require it. For example; such a log is required of all licensed taxi drivers to cover each working shift. the driver works. Sex workers are no less worthy of this orderly requirement and evidence than Taxi drivers. I'm sure they will be subjected to the same drug screens when they apply for a sex worker license. The time has come to license this group of workers. The drug screen for the license would keep junkies from tricking for drugs. As in Taxi work, it is a waste of both valuable life and precious resources to search for an anonymous serial murderer of sex workers (or Taxi drivers) when the licensing and regulation of this type of work would help prevent anonymous murder of workers or clients and all the serial murders beyond it. The self justified pundits promoting prohibition of prostitution are actually Xenophobes unable to tolerate any lifestyle different from their own. They only wish to promote the very chaos and tragedy we currently have!
Before they can continue with the ruse of setting themselves up as self imposed despotic standard bearers for the wrest of us, there is a word they need to add to their stunted self fulfilling lexicon. Volition! Xenophobes are not templates for the wrest of humanity. Such a brittle approach to the life and times of one's fellows always ends in human suffering. One big mob can not be allowed to trump the rights of all other individuals in society. Riot is not a rule of law. As of 4-5-11 there have been 8 bodies found.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting rid of expensive petroleum.

From a historical perspective, oil as Fuel used to be cheaper than coal.

The old ways of heating your home still work quite well in fact.

The wood burning stove is taunted as making a come back as heating oil and natural gas prices reach new record levels.

At present, there a number of ways to use coal more cleanly. A process of turning it into natural gas as well as scrubbing the stack at the cogeneration plant spring to mind. If it's greenhouse gasses your concerned about; burning fuel at a central location is both more efficient and less costly to the consumer and the environment.

Trading energy futures with it's inherent parade of middlemen is not the most cost effective way to bring energy to market. This holds fuel off of the market until a favorable number for it's sale (pick a number) arrizes.

When the wages of working people no longer command such necessary resources, it's time to retool the means of conditioning the living space.

Geothermal is not only for places like Iceland. The Earth is like a solar energy battery as well as a heat generator. It simply depends where you look and how deep. Preheating or precooling conditioning mediums - according to seasonal imperatives saves on the cost of conditioning without these resources.

These kinds of savings rely on the proper building codes to implement them in energy conscious designs.

Like solar strategies for energy conservation, geothermal strategies produce no greenhouse gasses.

Complaining about failed wealth redistribution social programs won't build any such imperatives of energy conservation into current and future architecture.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's eliminate Legislating under the Influence (LUI)!

Have you ever run across a bad law, ordinance or policy in your state, municipality or country at large?

Since everyone from the bank teller to the hospital worker to the cab driver gets yearly drug screens as a condition of employment, why not apply the same standard to ALL our federal and state workers? Is sobriety any less important in the legislature? If me and my cohorts can't carry on torn down or hopped up, neither can our representatives in ANY legislature.

The time has come for Annual drug screening in ALL legislative bodies rank and file with treatment or job jeopardy if treatment is refused for ALL offenders!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Loss of productive capacity in drug manufacturing.

Loss of productive capacity in manufacturing
drugs is a valid medical crisis . I can see why the
legislators would require the notification they are now seeking.
It is also apparent that hospitals are
consolidating resources for patient care . How
they can avoid medical practices which reflect
this loss of staff and facilities would be found in
an increase in billable services beyond patients
needs . Look for medical services outside the
rhelm of any therapeutic context for those more
costly proceedures .