Sunday, August 16, 2009

Value storage; the individual's privacy buffer

These days becoming unemployed is about as bad as becoming UNDER employed . Either way you won't be able to afford the confidentiality of your own group of professional service providers that run the gamut of human needs and occupations. As the dollar shrinks in value storage capacity people are coming up against frontiers our ancestors could hardly imagine or recognize.
The value storage of money is a prime concern.
There is a simple illustration for this and it does not require a dissertation or graduate school.

In the 1950's gold was available to buy at $32.00 per ounce. Today it's over $900. per ounce.

32 x X = 900

X = 900/32

X = 28.125

32 x 28.125 = 900

So, you'd need 28x the money today to buy the same gold, dug out of the ground or panned out of a stream as you did 59 years ago. Has the value storage of your money diminished, or is the same gold getting better with age, like an antique or a fine wine?

As the dollar continues to loose value, your privacy and your very survival on the planet is adversely affected. It's important to remember that this outcome or value was set in place by a congruent virtue or activity which has been eroding your dollar for some time now.

The constant deficit spending by the Federal Government is that action or virtue, leading to this outcome or value in todays de-valuated dollars. Virtue is ever the hand maiden of value.

Well, if the federal government stopped their deficit spending, a new virtue, or action could stop and reverse the dollar's slide (a new value).

But how could Congress do it?

By the actions (virtues) of 1). convening a Constitutional Convention and 2). ratifying a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with a 3). Ryder that legalizes industrial Hemp for biomass ethanol production, the train of this Great Republic could be put back on solid serviceable rail (the goal, value or outcome of fiscal solvency is met). 4). All, every, each and every entitlement goes unfunded till they are repealed or money accrues to fund them. 5). A 25 year tax moratorium on all electricity generated from burning hydrogen.

Such virtues practiced in the halls of Congress are necessary to insure the value of economic growth and value storage in the Dollar which is the individual's privacy buffer.

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