Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hemp Haiku

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"Galileo's free,
from the Vatican's decree.
Free Hemp D.E.A.!"

There's no carcinogens in a brownie.There's no toxicity associated with the ingestion of cannabis.There are vaporizers which heat the cannabis to extract the THC without burning it; thereby eliminating the fumes associated with combustion.The human brain has receptors for THC.The hemp plant seeds have very little THC but are a complete protein.The hemp plant has served human needs for centuries until it was outlawed corporately. The federal government is a corporation. Virtue attains Value!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Primacy of Consciousness Melt Down

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By now the wall street wizards along with their political soul mates have discovered whim is not equal to that which truly exists. The perception that wall street is fleecing the share holder won't go away. The fleecers have been too blatant for too long. Derivatives made of adjustable rate mortgages which defaulted collapsed the whole shell game, and now there's no propping it up.