Friday, November 26, 2010

DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 27

I found out about and watched this attempt to paraphrase the deranged mental condition of Mark David Chapman that allowed him to do what he will always be known for instead of what he "thought" he could accomplish by the unforgivable & insane attack on Mr. John Lennon which caused Mr. Lennon's untimely and tragic death. It seems the prism of media fed an aspect of the polarized message filtering down to the masses who are for the most part sane. That Mr Lennon was a parent of a young child never figured into the calculus of the murderer. Most people in society can digest rationally the likes of Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair well enough. Most never act out like the insane folks who go postal after conflating what they read in fictionalized novels ("Catcher in the Rye"- for instance) with "entertainment media" about recording artists, actors and musicians. It's the few lunatics among us that are killing the artists, producers and TV sitcom personalities (murdered "My Sister Sam" star Rebecca Schaeffer comes to mind). This goads the wrest of us to live in gated communities. In this sense we are now learning about the security imperatives politicians and religious icons the world over have learned about and put into practice since these tragedies have begun to proliferate in modern times.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Congress is supposed to be doing

The lawyers, the bankers and the politicians and some fascist business persons have been carving an empire for themselves while the wrest of us have been following non-apportioned tax law and code.

The good news is the Constitution states Representation and Direct Tax shall be Apportioned.

Congress is supposed to take a census, determine how many people there are in a state, set up a federal budget and divide it equally amongst the people there. THIS is what apportionment means IN A LAW DICTIONARY. You can't have an apportioned census for representation and then implement a non-apportioned method of taxing everyone. Unless, you are operating the wreaking ball with a crane!

700 foreign military bases run by the United States is not apportionment in taxation.

The key to this SUBJECT is seeing the Federal Reserve System as alien to our Constitution which is based on the Apportionment of BOTH REPRESENTATION AND TAXATION.

So, Presidents, Congress Persons, Lawyers, Bankers and fascist business persons are running things into the ground around here by a lopsided application of the Constitutional mandate of apportionment.


In restoring apportionment, the danger is, calling it a Fair Tax or a retrograde tax or some thing other than apportioned leaves the door open for riders on the bill before it's ratified and even radical changes, which are an anathema to Constitutionally prescribed apportionment. If apportionment is being restored, it should be called that, plainly.

Need funds? Pass a balanced budget amendment and eliminate entitlements.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bag pipe Biz.

Given all that independant people must contend with in 2010, the bag pipe biz is a particularly peculiar animal.
Gone are the standards of customer service normally associated with business. In their place we find any number of confusing agendas designed to provide overhead for more profitable enterprizes. At times these agendas are an anathema towards resonsible and knowledgeable workers since they would drive business into the bag pipe.
The business owner in this case wants "drone" tones like the bag pipe- which although sympathetic to the melody sound hole key the pipe player plays, the drones have no registry to articulate "notes" themselves.
If the business owner has become folded into a contempt for the survival of their associates and customers it is all too likely that the venue for productivity at the bag pipe biz is itself at cross puroses with both customer and the full gamut of customer and busineess constituency associations. The only remedy at that point is exidus and disassociation from the bag pipe prorprietor.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crushed by Maple Trees

by Clarence Dember on Saturday, September 18, 2010
Every now and then I have to go to IHop for some pancakes with real maple syrup. (i actually don't have time to make my own syrup if you can believe it!)
So, back in the day, maple syrup really came from a kind of Maple tree: from the Sugar Maple /acer saccharum and black maple /acer nigrum. These trees were cultivated in orchards for this purpose or found in the wild.
They were not near any power lines, houses, parkways or other places frequented by vehicles or people.
Elm trees though slow growing were used for neighborhood beautification. Thanks in large part to the Dutch Elm disease, the Elms are mostly gone. In their place the quick growing and picturesque Silver Maple has taken up residence. This is why any time there is a significant storm on Long Island or in New York City you can find these giant surface root behemoths toppled over onto highways, houses and cars. People who have Oaks in their yards or near their side walks avoid this seasonal havoc.
Now that I think of it, with all of the variations of Franken foods and Franken- seeds available now-a-days why are there no Franken-Elm-trees or Franken-Maple trees? There's "Roundup Ready" Soybeans and Fish genes in our tomatoes; so why are there no hybrid Silver Maples with deep going roots or Elm Trees impervious to Dutch Elm disease?
Why does the city of New York keep planting these menaces to society in close proximity to dwellings, roadways and places of business? Why don't universities clamor to design a more durable Elm or a more stable Maple? This would be more compassionate and cost effective than the loss of life and property year after year!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stepping to the High Command

At Jamaica station I was unable to read the electronic sign for my train after a group of 3 males (different from my own ethnic group) noticed me and stepped in front of the sign with a certain menace which surprised me.

I said "You need to step away from the sign so I can read it."

The Biggest one of them stepped to me and said "You should walk on; We're army."

I said "I was in the Air Force. You need to step away from the sign."

The leader rephrased:
"You were in the service 10 years ago!" "We're Army and we've been to Afghanistan."
(I was actually 1977-1981 Active Air Force Enlisted and 1983-84 NJ Air Reserve. (29 & 27 years ago respectively.)

I said: "It doesn't matter". And, for emphasis I looked him in the eye and said "You shouldn't be blocking the sign. What your doing here is ungodly." (This is my short hand for "Grow up and be your own gods.") The leader's jaw dropped and then he denied he was acting in discord to godly (sock puppet) lore and comportment. I repeated the accusation.

Just then, an individual fully 3 times as wide as me stepped up behind me and said "Just let it go..., they are on something- can't you see? Just let it go." I having finally succeeded in reading the sign I needed to select my train- heeded this reasonable advise. For me, reasonable advise is actionable, whomever it comes from. As I went down the stairs to the train platform, I heard the "double big man" voice a direct exchange with the leader of the military trio as he attempted to shout after me to "walk on!" The Guy who's advice I'd heeded cut in with a firm: "You need to shut up because you're messed up!" I overheard some petty grumbling and then silence as I reached my train platform.

I always suspected and now believe there is good security in Jamaica terminal, for all who pass through this busy station. Also, I'm always happy to receive reasoned advice. Although, herein lies a warning: I am not the first civilian that returning military service members have conflated with the enemy. Given the political popularity of wars, I certainly won't be the last.

It was 06: 25 in the morning Sunday 9-5-10

Friday, August 27, 2010

What matters in politics.

Tell me human lives matter in politics & I'll agree, with reservations. In particular "Indian Reservations" would be an important exception these days it seems.
Dispite dire warnings from N.Y.State Troopers that attempting to collect N.Y. State tax on cigarettes sold (to non tribe members buying) from Native American stores could result in "violence and death" N.Y. Governor David A.Patterson has vowed to enforce $4.50 per pack NYS sales tax on cigs sold to non- Indian customers as soon as September 1st, Wednesday 2010.
All Tribes have refused to collect what appears to them to be an Out of Jurisdiction tax.
The western idea that United States citizens who are under bank, municipal, state, federal, corporate, jurisdiction and can therefore not act in free commerce with Indian Merchants is as foreign today to Native American Life and thinking as the private, state and federal ownership of property was in 1794 when they first signed treaties with the Great White Father and his minions.
But, can we say that Ethno-centrism is the reason Governor Patterson is stepping up the kind of rhetoric which can only be percieved as bellicose to Tribespersons state wide, even nationwide?
There was a saying I read on a noted educator's wall back when I worked as a civil servant for the State University of Old Westbury in Long Island N.Y. It said "A lack of proper planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part".
It can be said that New York, & the United States are experiencing an economic down turn, the likes of which have not been seen since the great depression.
After making ethanol out of corn instead of hemp & allowing the drugs in Alcohol & tobacco to excape regulation by the FDA dispite their lethal hazards for so many years, and after living under a system of Aportionment re: the U.S.Constitution yet implementing systems of non- aportioned taxation on wages and income alike for decades & devolving from a Constitutionally prescribed specie of money to fiat currency & debt; does this now warrant war?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mosque near Ground Zero

What people build on their property is ordinarily up to the property owner and the zoning board.
This particular proposal has created a firestorm. When have matters driven by faith done otherwize?
Not only has the narrative of how the World Trade Center was destroyed come under credentialed question (Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth), putting a Masque where it is not wanted is an invitation for vandalism and lawlessness similar to that experienced on other religiously contested holy sites.
If anything religious is built there it should be an all faiths chapel.
Secular folks have got to teach all religious to get along and share the planet, starting with just such a proposed religious space as this near ground zero.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1984 is here again for 2nd Handers!

Getting harder for the Sports Dude / Dudette to correlate sports team victories to anything at all. So, remember those sports figures are like Hercules and Achilles- Demi-Gods all. Rooting for them is the next best thing to actually being kin to Hera, Gaea, Athena, Aphrodite, Rhea, Psyche, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo..., or Zeus himself !

"With the strength of ten men he slew 1,ooo of the enemy wielding only the jawbone of an ass." Yeah, that's some legacy Mr Samson.. (...for the Bible followers among us). We use Tomahawks that spew fire and travel at 550 mph nowadays.

With all of the U.S. military bases around the world, you'd run out of States before you could assign our fighting and support forces (offense & defense) a State to sponsor and root for each of them, (600+ over seas U.S. Military bases) even if we assigned each (of our 50) State(s) SIX Military Base "fighting forces" exclusively.

What detail those large screen TVs could show as our modern day Gladiators operate in their respective theaters of conflict.
But now we're told the entertainment is winding down at Oceania. The forces in Eurasia and East Asia are our Allies. Has it not always been so? In honor of our victory Chocolate rations are up 1/4 percent. That's double plus good isn't it Brothers and Sisters? Those inner party members really have a grip on things! When were trends ever better?

With the anti-sex leagues pulling out all the stops in the UAE, and Asia, our Military and corporate foot prints are going to have to get the latest newspeak dictionary from the inner party soon. Too much use of un-words and your cashiered as an un-person, like Winston and Julia! ...Agents of Goldstein! Failing to perfect your language means soon you'll be spending a stint in room 101, for thought crime.

" Here comes a candle to light you to bed. Here comes a chopper to chop off your head".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some new U.S. Patent laws are heading our way.

Phone App not certified? Take your best shot!
Per the U.S. Patent office new rules.

The days of skimpy bandwidth, proprietary network exclusions of perfectly good software apps and Goat Footed Balloon Men are nearly over in the U.S.A. !!

"Charge it to my smart phone, please!!"

Credit card plastic? Hold the petroleum- I'll pay by tricorder.

My phone company is about to expand it's accounts billable to me. Could the "Bank writ be a thing of the past?
We'll be agreeing to abide by "all the rules of our phones" instead...!

Yeah, Not for nothing- Hewlett Packard has swallowed up PALM. I still have my Palm Treo 700P; the banks wish they owned phone companies ....

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Book of Eli; my own evaluation of the movie by C. Dember

I enjoyed the movie for it's action.

It's narrative reminded me of scenes from the movie Equilibrium (gun Katas of the priests) as well as a scene from the book and movie series "Dune" (The character Muad'Dib is blinded by a Stone Burner / tactical nuke- yet continues to move cogently about thanks to vision within prophesy.)

Herein lies the problem. As a work of fiction the way this book (a King James version of the Bible written in Braille) is narrated from memory by Eli- a resolute blind traveler at the end of his days is one thing. Such fiction should be compared to reality on this occasion to detect it's import.

Benjamin Banneker memorized the parts of a clock so as to reconstruct them in the new world. This is a fact. The technology of clock building was advanced and proliferated in this manner by a man who was a noun.

Nicola Tesla designed the alternating current power grid, the 3 phase a/c motor and the 3 phase a/c power station at Niagara Falls, Frank Lloyd Wright the Guggenheim Museum, patterned after the Nautilus shell.

Joan of Arc, as good as any man in battle, was done in by bankers and burned at the stake by the Catholic Church.

Adolf Hitler built the Third Reich while destroying the Jewish middle class and then took it to Ruin. Joseph Stalin killed millions in his quest for the ideal state.

Napoleon Bonaparte built an empire only to loose it.

There is always an I.D. bearing noun performing the executive functioning of creativity or destruction no matter if we're talking about the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs or the Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea.

The notion that persons or things act because they are directed by an I.D. lacking perfect being which is not therefore a noun- attempts to place such a theatrical device at cause over all outcomes when it is always a noun wielding the tools in plain sight!

The virtue such a device uses to attain it's value is always the faith in it possessed by a human being (noun). God(s), anthropomorphic, identity-less, parasitic software devices are a treason to humanity and all nouns at large! Any God(s) should therefore be rejected as impossible, specious & backward, a fictitious enterprise!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reason and choice from volition

Reason is the process whereby we may use logic to plan for life enhancing or cogent experiences. Emotions are merely outcomes of experiences. You may have noticed that some experiences and the processes that mitigate them are within our control, and some are not.

For instance, if my ancestral home in place X is over run by some unfriendly neighboring tribes, without warning, when I am as yet a child, THIS IS BEYOND MY CONTROL.

When I grow up, I may choose to slaughter those peoples who have captured the ground where my ancestors were living, or I can choose to find another place to revere as significant in such a context. It need not be on land as such. It could in fact be on the keyboard, fretboard or register of a musical instrument. Such a place could be found in the instrumentality of some as yet undiscovered technology or within the orthodoxy of an existing group of practices.

The point being, do I choose to fashion my own identity or is it bound to the victimization of my ancestors as I seek to find conquest in the succeeding victimization of future generations of children as yet unborn? Do I resolve my personal conflict by killing and subjugating others or by reevaluating and reinventing my own place in the sun? The bellicose choice or that of the pacifist both deserve careful consideration as the former and the latter choices both tend to perpetuate themselves over time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The biggest rights in the gulf of Mexico

The entities with the biggest rights in the Gulf of Mexico are the nations who have delegated off shore drilling rights to multi-national corporations.
The amount of money which can be had for such drilling privilages dwarfs even the billions of dollars now required for cleaning up the Deep Sea Horizon oil spill there.

But the losses of food from this catastrophy is going to cause problems deemed of lesser importance by these same powerful nations. This great loss to the peoples of the United States and Mexico comes at a time when climate change is already putting cost increases on the oil based food production methods employed here.

Can it be wise to drill so deep beneath the oceans that only robots can do the work? In the face of new forms of energy technology is such risk to both human life and our food supply necessary? At what price does the cost of energy from deep sea oil deposits become too high. We are getting a clearer picture of these things presently!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP 'junk shot' attempts to plug leak don't succeed -

BP 'junk shot' attempts to plug leak don't succeed -

So, is a corporate Gulf of Mexico better? Will it provide more bio-available food sources? Is the government of the United States gearing up the "Soylent Green" factory as we speak? Do you want your share?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Understand Objectivism for values.

Because Laissez Faire Capitalism is not based on duty (altruism) as is the forced backed politics of political pull and influence prevalent in the U.S.A., philanthropy can come from those with means, inclination and volition absent religious duty instead of the altruistic duty which forced backed government props up as the norm in human discourse. Self sacrifice for non-value is not normal, it is anti-survival. Man is NOT a sacrificial animal, but he is scripted as such, branded as a slave to any need or authoritative force backed whim- by altruism.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Financial Zombies

I heard today on NPR that Dr. Greenspan was not against the sub prime mortgages that became a means of entrance for many into the real estate market. He said it was the ARM backed securities that were insured to have higher ratings than they should have which were the cause of the Wall Street breakdown.

Of course, having worked long and hard for the repeal of the Glass Stiegal act would place Dr. Greenspan somewhere on the high road which lead to the dangerous financial deregulation that allowed banks and insurance companies to form one stop shop financial institutions in the first place. In his book " A Turbulent Age", Dr. Greenspan states that he did this because computer models indicated it would make the present financial institutions resistant to economic down turns. They would then be in line with the robust survivors of the great depression.

The clients repaying these bridge loans defaulted, this collapsed the ARM backed cash pipes (securities) which wiped out AIG who insured the securities, which caused exposed institutions to default on loans from international banks who then had no operating capital. Baling out the domestic institutions merely allowed them to pay back foreign banks. More money was then required to shore up the surviving institutions- a bail out of main street was not part of the Wall Street rescue package.

Therefore, domestic financial institutions were more interested in meeting their quarterly earnings forecasts than underwriting products with enduring values. So, they moved financial instruments quicker than anybody else. Dr. Greenspan and his too big to fail financial Zombie group are more responsible for the Wall Street breakdown than any body on main street.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Amish have found the following to be true:

"If a person decides not to buy health insurance, that person by definition is not engaging in commerce," Cuccinelli said in recorded comments. "If you are not engaging in commerce, how can the federal government regulate you?" (From Reuters)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

National Health Care you pay for by jurisdiction.

As long as I can't be forced to join a national health care plan, or pay for it fine. Majority rule is a bit like "2 wolves and a sheep deciding what's for lunch". I am not going to live forever. In time I will loose biological viability as a life form. Constitutionally, there is an apportioned tax on income. The 16th amendment allows for non-apportionment in these regards, and without regards to the origin of the income (your wages for instance). So, the old age and disability government insurance program (Social Security) is a non-apportioned tax assessed on your wages as though your wage was a corporate profit (unless you are an Old Order Amish, then your exempt because the Amish rely on the "providence of deity" for such things as old age and disability, and they don't make contracts with Federally entangled agencies such as banks, phone companies, the insurance industry, etc,etc.). The Supreme court granted them this exemption, but it did so to protect it's mandate that the wrest of us must pay. The problem with force backed compliance with respect to who will be covered and who will pay is more than a geriatric consideration or related to some terminal course of disease we will all eventually succumb to. It is a problem of Jurisdiction for the courts ruling on such measures. In the case of "Valentine Byler" and his Amish kinfolk, there was no jurisdiction. I have the knowledge and the inclination to opt out. I reason Government is not responsible for my well being as some type of entitlement, only for providing an environment where I can earn my way without threat, duress or coercion. Well being is a philosophical choice like philanthropy based in means (knowledge is more valuable than money here), inclination and volition. Right now, Duty has no part in this. If I get sick, it may be that I will go to the Veterans Administration Hospital for help, as I have served during the Lebanon Crisis. Presently, I will try to be responsible for my health.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chinese Petitioners Committed to Mental Hospitals, Given Shock Treatments

Is this a beta testing of mental health policies for the western world or growing pains of the Chinese government as it moves to advance it's economic aspirations amid calls for human rights advances in China.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Economic and market Narcissism.

I think (once a person reaches adulthood) a robust sense of entitlement with no product, service or good is a kind of economic and market Narcissism. The latest Wall Street melt down exemplifies this! These financial officers assembled, marketed and sold fully insured cash pipes composed of soon to be in foreclosure adjustable rate mortgages which in turn were poorly granted to 1st time home buyers unable to qualify for fixed rate mortgages.

If they cared about anything more than the sales necessary to beat market analyst forecasts for their financial sector, to justify FAT sales commissions, I need to be shown WHERE that caring was in practice. The term of the fixed rate mortgages could have been increased to lower payments and boost sales that were sustainable to 1st time home buyers. 100 year fixed rate mortgages are common in Japan. They are secured by social security payments. If social security was an apportioned tax this could be done legally here in the United States. Instead, rewarding such lopsided behavior (investment fraud) with a bail out (protecting the wrest of us) needs to be balanced by fines and jail time for the perpetrators of this destructive loose witted practice and prospectus. Because there shall be no ex post facto laws here (retroactive punishment for things which were not crimes at the time but are now), it needs to be put into practice going forward that such unethical, destructive and rash economic and marketing behavior by financial officers will be quickly and costly punished.

Do you agree?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hierarchy of value in entertainment for audience and artist.

Apparently the intrinsic value of music must resonate with particular value experiences the listener brings to be taken as value in entertainment while to those who create it, the music is the value and the experience!

It would follow that every form of art is this way, with regards to it's hierarchy of value to audience and artist.

For the artist, practice is the virtue that attains the value of art. The performance and or exhibition of this value is called entertainment by the audience.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paradigm shift: Research into a vascular cause of Multiple Sclerosis.

Here is a link to learn more about CCSVI, the vascular defect being studied as a possible cause of multiple sclerosis.
Links don't work here, so copy and paste the link below to search Buffalo University's press release on this important matter.