Friday, September 24, 2010

Bag pipe Biz.

Given all that independant people must contend with in 2010, the bag pipe biz is a particularly peculiar animal.
Gone are the standards of customer service normally associated with business. In their place we find any number of confusing agendas designed to provide overhead for more profitable enterprizes. At times these agendas are an anathema towards resonsible and knowledgeable workers since they would drive business into the bag pipe.
The business owner in this case wants "drone" tones like the bag pipe- which although sympathetic to the melody sound hole key the pipe player plays, the drones have no registry to articulate "notes" themselves.
If the business owner has become folded into a contempt for the survival of their associates and customers it is all too likely that the venue for productivity at the bag pipe biz is itself at cross puroses with both customer and the full gamut of customer and busineess constituency associations. The only remedy at that point is exidus and disassociation from the bag pipe prorprietor.

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Shereema said...

Businesses these days pretend to care about the customer and will advertise how much they do, but when you walk around for an hour trying to find someone to answer your question or to get something you know you wanted to buy, surely customer service is an absentee.