Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Congress is supposed to be doing

The lawyers, the bankers and the politicians and some fascist business persons have been carving an empire for themselves while the wrest of us have been following non-apportioned tax law and code.

The good news is the Constitution states Representation and Direct Tax shall be Apportioned.

Congress is supposed to take a census, determine how many people there are in a state, set up a federal budget and divide it equally amongst the people there. THIS is what apportionment means IN A LAW DICTIONARY. You can't have an apportioned census for representation and then implement a non-apportioned method of taxing everyone. Unless, you are operating the wreaking ball with a crane!

700 foreign military bases run by the United States is not apportionment in taxation.

The key to this SUBJECT is seeing the Federal Reserve System as alien to our Constitution which is based on the Apportionment of BOTH REPRESENTATION AND TAXATION.

So, Presidents, Congress Persons, Lawyers, Bankers and fascist business persons are running things into the ground around here by a lopsided application of the Constitutional mandate of apportionment.


In restoring apportionment, the danger is, calling it a Fair Tax or a retrograde tax or some thing other than apportioned leaves the door open for riders on the bill before it's ratified and even radical changes, which are an anathema to Constitutionally prescribed apportionment. If apportionment is being restored, it should be called that, plainly.

Need funds? Pass a balanced budget amendment and eliminate entitlements.