Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mosque near Ground Zero

What people build on their property is ordinarily up to the property owner and the zoning board.
This particular proposal has created a firestorm. When have matters driven by faith done otherwize?
Not only has the narrative of how the World Trade Center was destroyed come under credentialed question (Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth), putting a Masque where it is not wanted is an invitation for vandalism and lawlessness similar to that experienced on other religiously contested holy sites.
If anything religious is built there it should be an all faiths chapel.
Secular folks have got to teach all religious to get along and share the planet, starting with just such a proposed religious space as this near ground zero.

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Shereema said...

I am completely in agreement with you. First and foremost I don't think anything or any kind should be built there because it is a cemetery. Secondly, for the sake of all people to feel comfortable to come together and share in their thoughts, grief or whatever, it should be a unifaith facility. Lastly, they were making too much of a big deal of this whole thing when the mosque was not going to be built on ground zero, just near. That to me, is a huge difference, but why borrow trouble with a capital "T".