Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The biggest rights in the gulf of Mexico

The entities with the biggest rights in the Gulf of Mexico are the nations who have delegated off shore drilling rights to multi-national corporations.
The amount of money which can be had for such drilling privilages dwarfs even the billions of dollars now required for cleaning up the Deep Sea Horizon oil spill there.

But the losses of food from this catastrophy is going to cause problems deemed of lesser importance by these same powerful nations. This great loss to the peoples of the United States and Mexico comes at a time when climate change is already putting cost increases on the oil based food production methods employed here.

Can it be wise to drill so deep beneath the oceans that only robots can do the work? In the face of new forms of energy technology is such risk to both human life and our food supply necessary? At what price does the cost of energy from deep sea oil deposits become too high. We are getting a clearer picture of these things presently!

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