Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do we need better drug store security?

The recent tragedy of the brutal and mindless Medford Drug store shooting on Long Island calls into question whether any security measures can stem the flow of this kind of violence involving murder by gun, addiction and theft of merchandise (in particular pain killing narcotic medication.) It has been said in the media that the victims: pharmacist Raymond Ferguson- Family and friends (f&f), mother of two Jaime Taccetta. (f&f), Student Jennifer Mejia (f&f) and loving husband Byron Sheffield (f&f) all died at the hands of a pain killer prescription addict and his get away car driver wife. The medicine they were after-a form of synthetic opiate. The one question in my mind is could these senseless killings have been avoided if counseling and treatment had been available to the alledged killers who clearly had run out alternatives visible to drug addicted chemically addled criminal mentalities. If the answer is no; I'll ask what about if medical marijuana were available? If the answer is still no, then maybe we should pass laws requiring armed guards at all such drug markets. Drug companies whose drugs are marketed under these tightly controlled conditions may pool resources and purchase contracts with any number of armed security firms so as to improve the safe and regular dispense of these trademarked and patented as well as generic compounds. This slaughter must not be repeated!

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