Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More on mandatory drug screening for government clients

OK, from my previous postings, you already know I pass an annual drug screen to provide for myself. What taxes can be collected under contract are collected and redistributed when and wherever the government and it's banking system see fit (to sustain porous boarders, provide welfare to drug addicts, give cheap loans and kick backs to corporations that are killing people, provide questionable narratives to fund bogus non-scientific studies to explain catastrophic planned skyscraper demolitions and other failed fema and nist and cfr and extrogovernmental escapades.) My point: since my drug free dollars are supporting drug addled entitlements let them stop right now until everybody accepting these setasides gets screened annually. An E-mail I got has suggested the new federal drug screens can be called "Urine or your out"! Oh you take drugs? I don't, so your not my constituency. Kick everyone off the Dole that fails a drug screen since keeping them only fosters denial and law breaking. You just screen them and drop the dirty ones. This is good public policy because it will save billions of budget dollars. Oh yeah, and it's what I want to happen to double standard hypocrites. Ah, your FHA MORTGAGE SHOULD REQUIRE AN ANNUAL DRUG SCREEN. Congressional franking privilages and write-offs on transportation; annual drug screen. Just been awarded a government contract? Here's your cup, annual mandatory pee test for the duration of each contract. Kidney trouble? Blood and hair. Mortgage tax give backs; a drug screen for each year of eligibility. Drop every dirty government client and see who's left standing. Since you took the money, take the urine, tyrants!

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Clarence Dember said...

Am I being sarcastic? Very
much so. But the point is easier to see this way.
Congress has failed to finely craft the law. They
are like a junky. Their junk is
money. They need another fix. The clean needle
program for this junky is to drug
screen all their clients. Oh, don't worry! They can
still have their drug. But, only
by prescription. This entails apportionment.Right
now we play the role of doctor.
Government is the patient in need of a treatment
plan. Fortunately we are not
practicing medicine without a licence however.
The only credential we need in
this instance is our competent citizenship. Drug
screens if they exist in a
Democratic system can not merely be for the
poor or the workers. They must be
for all, or none.