Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Value reversal and negation re: workplace size and conditions.

My work history has illustrated in a small company, what you know is valued to the point where it eventually runs up against what other people know. For example, in a small company where the drug free workplace is NOT enforced at the administrative level but only at the work site; the drug addled supervisor wants subordinates to be knowledgeable. S(he) has to do less work when subordinates know what is going on. Yet when a sober compliant subordinate (scs) realizes an administrator or supervisor is drug dependant and blatantly addled by it, it becomes difficult for the (scs) worker to lend support to a work situation that is being demonstratably sabotaged from above. In a large company with more thorough compliance on the drug free workplace human resource management front what the (scs) worker knows is often discounted against what administration does not know about the work process. To the degree administrative competancies (a/c) fail to comprise real work processes a/c will act towards defacilitation of scs workers in Lew of micromanagement. Management itself only happens in requisite knowledge / competency pools (k/cp), and not in knowledge / competency vacuums (k/cv). K/cv is experienced in the often pejorative MBA influence on work places lacking engineering and regulatory k/cp (and personnel). The (scs) worker who has been thus defacilitated, soon run out of challenges to stimulate growth and any sense of accomplishment in their work place. The challenge of good human resources management is traded off for efficiency where it can be justified / quantified on a spread sheet. The "I don't have to know your job to manage your job" white collar myth is thus empowered. At this point, if the (scs) worker(s) don't need to face this kind of scale down without the input engineering and training can add to administration; (scs) workers leave in droves for new challenges found on the nearest horizon or cubicle farm. So "married with a mortgage" in an scs worker looks better to administration than single with talent in an scs worker who may be lured away. This creates a restaffing, retraining management crisis which may lead to mission impossible at the work site since economic conditions vary. It can only be resolved by k/cp in engineering.

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