Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gilgo murders point to failure of prostitution prohibition

At this point there have been 5 bodies found within the same 1mile section of Long Island's Gilgo beach. All of the press coverage is pounding readers about the apparent failure of any measures to stem the flow of these violent and tragic deaths.
Folk like me (who saw the solution to this social dilemma years ago, ) are completely ignored by the religiously cowed journalists. They attempt to represent that it is sensible, moral and alttruistic to live with the horror of anonymous serial murder and the costly police overtime to crack these difficult cases. More sensible than mandating a log be kept of all sex worker client transactions such that the perpetrator of violent interaction be among the suspects immediately at hand should the events arrize to require it. For example; such a log is required of all licensed taxi drivers to cover each working shift. the driver works. Sex workers are no less worthy of this orderly requirement and evidence than Taxi drivers. I'm sure they will be subjected to the same drug screens when they apply for a sex worker license. The time has come to license this group of workers. The drug screen for the license would keep junkies from tricking for drugs. As in Taxi work, it is a waste of both valuable life and precious resources to search for an anonymous serial murderer of sex workers (or Taxi drivers) when the licensing and regulation of this type of work would help prevent anonymous murder of workers or clients and all the serial murders beyond it. The self justified pundits promoting prohibition of prostitution are actually Xenophobes unable to tolerate any lifestyle different from their own. They only wish to promote the very chaos and tragedy we currently have!
Before they can continue with the ruse of setting themselves up as self imposed despotic standard bearers for the wrest of us, there is a word they need to add to their stunted self fulfilling lexicon. Volition! Xenophobes are not templates for the wrest of humanity. Such a brittle approach to the life and times of one's fellows always ends in human suffering. One big mob can not be allowed to trump the rights of all other individuals in society. Riot is not a rule of law. As of 4-5-11 there have been 8 bodies found.


ajlounyinjurylaw said...

It's a sick twisted person that does this, it's not about the law for prostitution. Doesn't matter if it's legal or illegal, it's about who they represent and their moral standings.

Clarence Dember said...

So what does your way do that provides order to chaos which makes your opinion the one people should be listening to?

Clarence Dember said...

That's the problem with fireing pointless missives at blogs you disagree with. The fact that your missives provide no solution to counter the solutions contained in the blog your disagreement sites proves your goal is to dominate the discourse, not remedy the chaos we suffer from due to our collective failure to regulate and tax certain human behaviors. At issue here are prostitution, drugs and gambling behaviors controlled by organized crime syndicates. Making murder harder to commit is a healthier proactive responce than simply carping how sick and twisted the murderers are be they murderers of prostitutes, pharmacists, clerks, clients or practitioners.