Monday, July 4, 2011

The New York State Prison Expansion.

In New York after passage of the Rockefeller drug laws 38 years ago; a large part of gubernatorial politics consisted of prison building to hold vast numbers of illegal narcotics criminals who became over night felons. Movies like "the French Connection" and other exploitation flicks helped desensitize the public to the incarnation of this new class of criminals. Prison jobs became a kind of social welfare for economically blighted upstate New York. (Although Cannabis is still classified in law as a dangerous and useless narcotic, alcohol poisoning kills people. Cannabis can not equal the toxicity of any narcotic while alcohol is classified as a beverage that kills.) Carcinogenic materials in foods are prohibited by the Delaney clause. Some foods contain natural substances which are carcinogenic, such as safrole, which occurs in sassafras and sweet basil. Such substances are covered by the Delaney clause, so that safrole may not be added to root beer in the USA. Had the Governors and legislatures in New York (and U.S.A. at large) instead reverted to one of their namesakes (Hempstead) and grown hemp, they could have ended the dearth of jobs and gained needed tax revenue without wasting all of that money on prisons for Cannabis users which they conflated with other opium based & synthetic narcotics traffickers. The point of the inner party members in the book and the movie "1984" WAS to waste money! They could then remain in control while everybody else had the boot heel of an oppressive and canniving state stepping on their faces forever. Aspartame is many ways toxic to humans. European flight crews comming to the U.S.A. are warned not to use soda fountains incase aspartame canasters get switched with the regular soft drink canisters. Among it's effects Aspartame effects fitness for piloting aircraft . Yet, it holds the coveted GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status among food additives; a blatant violation of the FDA Delaney clause. This food additive / chemical compound of 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methyl ester is in the class known among neurologists as exciter toxins + a poisonous methyl ester. The first 2 ingredients are present in amounts well beyond that found in foods (4%). They excite and then kill neurons. The last ingredient with it's weakly bound (and absent pectin) so called methyl ester becomes wood alcohol above 86° Fahrenheit. Methanol is then made into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) when digested. See for more on aspartame. Since alcohol and aspartame are each more toxic than cannabis and it's complete food the hemp seed; why don't lawyers make an equivalent legal class for the cannabis leaf equal to "alcoholic beverage" only call it a "psychoactive herb class"?? Hemp seeds themselves are not psychoactive and are legal as a complete food. Plenty of potential revenue can be had from the remaining leaves and cordage and unlike the neurotoxin alcohol, or the carcinogenic diketopiperazine- a break down product from aspartame; Cannabis kills no one. Put warnings on tins and pouches not to mix anti-nausiants with alcohol and tax the growers. Lets dispense with one law that has bred contempt for the law for about 40 years. Again, we should not allow Aspartame in food or pop as it is a blatant violation of the Delaney clause which prohibits the secretary of the FDA from allowing things in foods that cause cancer in humans or have caused cancer in animal studies. What is clearly wrong with the minds of the people who have allowed this mess to proliferate is they don't follow their own laws or rational self interest.

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