Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Congress is supposed to be doing

The lawyers, the bankers and the politicians and some fascist business persons have been carving an empire for themselves while the wrest of us have been following non-apportioned tax law and code.

The good news is the Constitution states Representation and Direct Tax shall be Apportioned.

Congress is supposed to take a census, determine how many people there are in a state, set up a federal budget and divide it equally amongst the people there. THIS is what apportionment means IN A LAW DICTIONARY. You can't have an apportioned census for representation and then implement a non-apportioned method of taxing everyone. Unless, you are operating the wreaking ball with a crane!

700 foreign military bases run by the United States is not apportionment in taxation.

The key to this SUBJECT is seeing the Federal Reserve System as alien to our Constitution which is based on the Apportionment of BOTH REPRESENTATION AND TAXATION.

So, Presidents, Congress Persons, Lawyers, Bankers and fascist business persons are running things into the ground around here by a lopsided application of the Constitutional mandate of apportionment.


In restoring apportionment, the danger is, calling it a Fair Tax or a retrograde tax or some thing other than apportioned leaves the door open for riders on the bill before it's ratified and even radical changes, which are an anathema to Constitutionally prescribed apportionment. If apportionment is being restored, it should be called that, plainly.

Need funds? Pass a balanced budget amendment and eliminate entitlements.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bag pipe Biz.

Given all that independant people must contend with in 2010, the bag pipe biz is a particularly peculiar animal.
Gone are the standards of customer service normally associated with business. In their place we find any number of confusing agendas designed to provide overhead for more profitable enterprizes. At times these agendas are an anathema towards resonsible and knowledgeable workers since they would drive business into the bag pipe.
The business owner in this case wants "drone" tones like the bag pipe- which although sympathetic to the melody sound hole key the pipe player plays, the drones have no registry to articulate "notes" themselves.
If the business owner has become folded into a contempt for the survival of their associates and customers it is all too likely that the venue for productivity at the bag pipe biz is itself at cross puroses with both customer and the full gamut of customer and busineess constituency associations. The only remedy at that point is exidus and disassociation from the bag pipe prorprietor.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crushed by Maple Trees

by Clarence Dember on Saturday, September 18, 2010
Every now and then I have to go to IHop for some pancakes with real maple syrup. (i actually don't have time to make my own syrup if you can believe it!)
So, back in the day, maple syrup really came from a kind of Maple tree: from the Sugar Maple /acer saccharum and black maple /acer nigrum. These trees were cultivated in orchards for this purpose or found in the wild.
They were not near any power lines, houses, parkways or other places frequented by vehicles or people.
Elm trees though slow growing were used for neighborhood beautification. Thanks in large part to the Dutch Elm disease, the Elms are mostly gone. In their place the quick growing and picturesque Silver Maple has taken up residence. This is why any time there is a significant storm on Long Island or in New York City you can find these giant surface root behemoths toppled over onto highways, houses and cars. People who have Oaks in their yards or near their side walks avoid this seasonal havoc.
Now that I think of it, with all of the variations of Franken foods and Franken- seeds available now-a-days why are there no Franken-Elm-trees or Franken-Maple trees? There's "Roundup Ready" Soybeans and Fish genes in our tomatoes; so why are there no hybrid Silver Maples with deep going roots or Elm Trees impervious to Dutch Elm disease?
Why does the city of New York keep planting these menaces to society in close proximity to dwellings, roadways and places of business? Why don't universities clamor to design a more durable Elm or a more stable Maple? This would be more compassionate and cost effective than the loss of life and property year after year!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stepping to the High Command

At Jamaica station I was unable to read the electronic sign for my train after a group of 3 males (different from my own ethnic group) noticed me and stepped in front of the sign with a certain menace which surprised me.

I said "You need to step away from the sign so I can read it."

The Biggest one of them stepped to me and said "You should walk on; We're army."

I said "I was in the Air Force. You need to step away from the sign."

The leader rephrased:
"You were in the service 10 years ago!" "We're Army and we've been to Afghanistan."
(I was actually 1977-1981 Active Air Force Enlisted and 1983-84 NJ Air Reserve. (29 & 27 years ago respectively.)

I said: "It doesn't matter". And, for emphasis I looked him in the eye and said "You shouldn't be blocking the sign. What your doing here is ungodly." (This is my short hand for "Grow up and be your own gods.") The leader's jaw dropped and then he denied he was acting in discord to godly (sock puppet) lore and comportment. I repeated the accusation.

Just then, an individual fully 3 times as wide as me stepped up behind me and said "Just let it go..., they are on something- can't you see? Just let it go." I having finally succeeded in reading the sign I needed to select my train- heeded this reasonable advise. For me, reasonable advise is actionable, whomever it comes from. As I went down the stairs to the train platform, I heard the "double big man" voice a direct exchange with the leader of the military trio as he attempted to shout after me to "walk on!" The Guy who's advice I'd heeded cut in with a firm: "You need to shut up because you're messed up!" I overheard some petty grumbling and then silence as I reached my train platform.

I always suspected and now believe there is good security in Jamaica terminal, for all who pass through this busy station. Also, I'm always happy to receive reasoned advice. Although, herein lies a warning: I am not the first civilian that returning military service members have conflated with the enemy. Given the political popularity of wars, I certainly won't be the last.

It was 06: 25 in the morning Sunday 9-5-10