Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is No political solution for Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp.

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The wrong Ideas get no results. Medical Marijuana for one.
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I don't think there is a political solution to help implement medical Marijuana. Politicians, have made everything illegal that takes away their power. Everything!
FDR made owning gold illegal for a time, William Randolph Hearst and his political patent hungry friends made Marijuana cultivation illegal in 1937. No amount of science or economics will resurrect industrial hemp if politicians have their way!

Richard Nixon signed the law that made real money unusable for legal tender in the United States.

Allodial rights to property has been removed in favor of eminent domain ready Real Estate.

I saw a film about how the tide was turned which allowed legislation to pass for suffrage of women in the United States. At the Kentucky Derby women threw themselves in front of the entertainment, and were trampled to death. This became the political embarrassment that lead to quick FEDERAL ratification of women's suffrage. Such an act couldn't be spun into terrorism or mental illness by the politicians. I do not advocate such altruism for the cause of Cannabis. I am merely pointing out how that problematic intransigence of the political mindset in those times was addressed. Have politicians changed since then? Has there been any incentive to?

Politicians will retain as much power as the people concede to them! Also because bank charters have allowed banks to finance both sides of a war; strange and criminal financial deals have proliferated in our history. For instance, Prescott Bush was vice president of a bank that was seized for supporting the Nazis.

During alcohol prohibition in America Al Capone wasn't the only alcohol smuggler.

Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in powering Aspartame through the FDA investigations to it's current worldwide status among food additives, although will show you why it's so toxic.

Europeans are renowned gastronomes, but did you know that they don't gain as much weight as Americans because they don't suppress the activity of their thyroid glands by fluoridation of their water supplies??!!

Politicians! Live long enough and it becomes apparent who is causing you to catch hell.

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Clarence Dember said...

It is something to behold that State by State, the old Cannabis prohibition in the U.S.A. is giving way to the employment of strategies to implement medical marijuana legislation.