Friday, August 8, 2008

Fiat money monopolists must ultimately fail to provide values.

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So, being only Objectivists have the appropriate philosophical decks placed on the right philosophical supports (Objectivists standing on politics resting on ethics supported by epistemology on a proper metaphysical foundation) how can the scatter-shot macroeconomic plans of the fiat money monopolists (fmm) succeed?

It may be in the rational self interest of the fmm not to over (debt)load the Euro or the Amero and any other currency they come to control, or it may be in their "interest" to eviscerate these value storage metaphors as they have the Dollar (using their legions of altruistic minions). They (the fmm) don't speak our language. They are not motivated by objectivist decision trees. How can they provide us with a ... more cogent outcome, a value to our lives in the absence of this essential orientation? I don't think they (the fmm) have the philosophical framework to succeed in doing anything beyond "1984" the book, or World War II, the history.

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