Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Preserving Privacy

In the time that Eliot Spitzer held the Governor's post he was talented, insightful and productive. I am particularly fond of his attempt to eliminate payola in the music broadcast industry. Here is a man who understood that performance art should exist and gain patrons on it's own merits- not through bribery. To preserve an individuals privacy, certain human behaviors among consenting adults should have been regulated, not prohibited. To the degree that we have failed to regulate these human behaviors, we have failed to preserve and protect the privacy of those who are criminalized for participating in these private human behaviors among consenting adults. It is regrettable.
Going forward, we may avoid visiting the same fate on future citizens by ending the prohibition of adult patronage of Prostitution, adult use of Cannabis, Casino Gambling. Regulating and taxing these adult behaviors will provide revenue to enhance public safety and return us to a dynamic in society where the privacy of our citizens is preserved and protected by our laws.

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