Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why I think I am an Objectivist

Certainly non-initiary force re:using the Jesuit money power to foment war among nations for church hegemony figures into why the secular and theistic devide has become so intractable. The real problem in human relations in my view has to do with the by-laws of these overarching corporate kleptocracies who's pilots think they must continually steer a course towards moniacle growth until all of the human cash cows they feed off of are dead. I'm not talking about computerized automated multi tuning head stock innovations at the Gibson and Epiphone guitar companies either. We've already had our "I Robot" moment. Our androids are computer dependant and assisted corporate kleptocracies. Who's bright idea was it to grow the market for antibiotics by supplying them to the human food chain livestock so that we all live with residues of antibiotics retarding the cultures of symbiotic bifitus and acidophilus in our digestive tracs? This virtually guaranteed that any pathogen we do come in contact with will be drug resistant.  When there is a solution of nano silver at 10 ppm why do we need to have bigger and more profitable drug companies?  Because we legnthened the roads to profitability by allowing banks and politicians to traffic unsound fiat currency so that they could steal more. The bill of rights wasn't written for churches, municipalities, regional, state or federal governments, the Bilderburgers, the U.N. or for big pharma and orthodox alopathy or for the Legal Bar association to cherry pick or political action committees or the Trilateral Commission or the Pentagon or Congress, POTUS, SCOTUS or Burke's Peerage.

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