Monday, December 1, 2014

The insidious outcome of fracking.

By now the peoples interested in thwarting the Islamization of Scandinavia or the open boarder policies to people and pathogens practiced by the Obama administration and globalist elite before him- by now the real aware moral people of all persuasions have come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING THAT HARMS FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLES IN ANY LAND IS DONE BY CONTRACT AND SUBSEQUENT JURISDICTION TO MUNICIPAL, FEDERAL AND TRANSNATIONAL KLEPTOCRATIC FASCIST Corporate hand be they government or corporations.

Many- that is to say enough have decided to home school their children, resist the documented MMR FRAUD of the CDC and other corporate unconstitutional malfeasance perpetrated by globalist such as eminent domain of land for "commercial or property tax enhancement" agenda over personnelled municipal government planners are using to bust out the pockets of the productive sectors left in local economies.

Many knowledgeable citizens have learned how to go off the grid, drill a well, employ solar and geothermal energy to stem the flow of their finite life's earnings into the coffers of the fiat money financiers and welfare statists who persist in breaking down the last remaining productive capacities amongst their own peoples at and towards the peril of complete financial collapse and never ending ethnic and class strife with ultimate world wars as the outcome for such suicidal fascist individual destroying treason.

The cidizens who understand this modern peril now face the prospect of aquifer contamination by the fracking of shale in the immediate vicinity of this life sustaining resource of clean water.

Toxic food and  guardicil, swine and MMR vaccines were not enough to kill us outright. GMO wheat  which is more glycimic than cane sugar didn't do the job. Triclosan in the dishwashing licquid and cosmetics and deoderants didn't finish the job. Chemo therapy from mustard gas didn't finish the job. Radiation from cell phones, mercury from dentistry and vaccines, air bags that explode with shrapnel, growing the big pharma markets for antibiotics by treating livestock in the human food chain with this means of human survival so that when people who have recieved trace residues in their food do get a pathogen it is ever more likely to be drug resistent, aspartame in every food! Maybe if the social engineers can poison the water with fracking fluid, petroleum AND FLUORIDE- MAYBE THEN THE GLOBALST CAN FINALLY WIPE U.S. CITIZENS OUT. This is how municipalities will keep frugal citizens from going off the grid. They poison the aquifer and say "it's illegal to catch rain water". If you don't hook up to our municipal water, you have no certificate of occupancy. GIVE CONGRESS THE ANNUAL DRUG SCREEN NOW!

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