Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trapped by NIMBY Zombies

This would be:

1). A place where GMO food staples are routinely accepted as worth paying for.
2). A place where the proliferation of contraband substances roil the consumer market.
3). A place where entitlements are more important to the citizens than individual self reliance.
4). A place where corporate lobbyists rain down a bewildering array of toxic products which used to be things people employed but now place lives and quality of life in jeopardy.
5). A place where the straw man expands and the flesh and blood person is diminished.
6). A place where technology is used to skim revenue off of any commerce still moving.
7). A place where the sane person is killed or disrupted by the known and proven psychopath.
8). A place where human activity is covertly shepherded under the jurisdiction of people not directly involved in the creation of any value intrinsic to such activity.
9). A quintessential definition for a location where individuals find themselves locked into a state system which venerates forms of revenue pilferage over value creation.
10).A dystopia in the form of a welfare state.

The recent New York State ruling that performances of exotic dancers, Pole dancers in particular may now be taxed will serve the efforts by New York State legislature to promote items 8,9 and 10 respectively. Additional to this trend would be the successful implementation of automatic traffic citation machines which send traffic code violators tickets when they have gone through red lights or failed to make full stops before making right turns through red light conditions at monitored intersections. Items 5 and 6 would then be deployed towards the realization of items 9 and 10. The use of the pesticide Triclosan in general consumer goods, toys, dish washing and body antibacterial soaps, deoderants and cosmetics can be seen as trending towards item 4.

Contrast this with states like Missouri which has ruled in it's courts against the implementation of Automatic traffic citation cameras at intersections, thereby trending against items 5,6,9 and 10.

The national legalization of hulled or toasted hemp seed as complete food is trending against items 1, 2, 4, 5,8, and 9.

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