Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some new U.S. Patent laws are heading our way.

Phone App not certified? Take your best shot!
Per the U.S. Patent office new rules.

The days of skimpy bandwidth, proprietary network exclusions of perfectly good software apps and Goat Footed Balloon Men are nearly over in the U.S.A. !!

"Charge it to my smart phone, please!!"

Credit card plastic? Hold the petroleum- I'll pay by tricorder.

My phone company is about to expand it's accounts billable to me. Could the "Bank writ be a thing of the past?
We'll be agreeing to abide by "all the rules of our phones" instead...!

Yeah, Not for nothing- Hewlett Packard has swallowed up PALM. I still have my Palm Treo 700P; the banks wish they owned phone companies ....

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Book of Eli; my own evaluation of the movie by C. Dember

I enjoyed the movie for it's action.

It's narrative reminded me of scenes from the movie Equilibrium (gun Katas of the priests) as well as a scene from the book and movie series "Dune" (The character Muad'Dib is blinded by a Stone Burner / tactical nuke- yet continues to move cogently about thanks to vision within prophesy.)

Herein lies the problem. As a work of fiction the way this book (a King James version of the Bible written in Braille) is narrated from memory by Eli- a resolute blind traveler at the end of his days is one thing. Such fiction should be compared to reality on this occasion to detect it's import.

Benjamin Banneker memorized the parts of a clock so as to reconstruct them in the new world. This is a fact. The technology of clock building was advanced and proliferated in this manner by a man who was a noun.

Nicola Tesla designed the alternating current power grid, the 3 phase a/c motor and the 3 phase a/c power station at Niagara Falls, Frank Lloyd Wright the Guggenheim Museum, patterned after the Nautilus shell.

Joan of Arc, as good as any man in battle, was done in by bankers and burned at the stake by the Catholic Church.

Adolf Hitler built the Third Reich while destroying the Jewish middle class and then took it to Ruin. Joseph Stalin killed millions in his quest for the ideal state.

Napoleon Bonaparte built an empire only to loose it.

There is always an I.D. bearing noun performing the executive functioning of creativity or destruction no matter if we're talking about the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs or the Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea.

The notion that persons or things act because they are directed by an I.D. lacking perfect being which is not therefore a noun- attempts to place such a theatrical device at cause over all outcomes when it is always a noun wielding the tools in plain sight!

The virtue such a device uses to attain it's value is always the faith in it possessed by a human being (noun). God(s), anthropomorphic, identity-less, parasitic software devices are a treason to humanity and all nouns at large! Any God(s) should therefore be rejected as impossible, specious & backward, a fictitious enterprise!