Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eating as concatenation.

I've reached this conclusion via the realization that I alone am responsible for the process that has the potential to restore or retard my tenure on the planet.Since this is about eating, I'll leave the philosophy on the shelf along with any anecdotes about the motivations of modern food merchants. Cogent relevant process is key to avoiding the pejorative drama of mal-absorption of nutrients and the re-absorption of waste and toxins.What is the basis in formal training I bring to this information?With the exception of S.U.N.Y. EAP Programs run state wide and Rutgers University- both of the other "training institutions" I affiliated myself with are now defunct. The process and product the defunct institutions (a primary alcohol detox inpatient facility in Freeport NY and the mail order school of fitness and nutrition in Scranton PA.) instilled and produced were both non-addictive and relevant. So, I took a mail order course in fitness and nutritional counseling, and I have taken seminars on the psycho-pharmacology of alcohol, trends in employee assistance programs at Rutgers University, as well as volunteer work as leader of an addicted men's group (with clinical oversight present) and co-coordinator of a state run employee assistance program at a State University in New York. Additionally I am coming at this target of eating as concatenation with nearly 55 years on the planet without a gastrointestinal medical intervention.What I have to say about healthful considerations and process with regards to eating will be curtly summed up right now.Fermentation and decay don't belong in or near living tissues of the body. To allow this is to invite disease in substance and process.Such things are avoided in vivo in 3 ways. 1). To split proteins into amino acids requires the acid found in the stomach. This must happen for assimilation to take place in the gastrointestinal trac. If you mix starches which require amylase from the saliva to digest with proteins, these activities work against each other. The protein will rot as carrion and become spoiled without digesting properly, and the starch will ferment. The fats which are handled by bile secretion will become rancid if they are not assimilated properly. These must not be poly-saturated trans-fats or the membranes of all of the cells in the body will be constructed of such material which is impervious to insulin. That leads to diabetes. Plant fiber gives exercise to the smooth muscle of the intestines which keeps the parastalsis muscular contractions strong enough to power the assimilation and excretion processes. Drink clean, pure water to keep urea crystals from forming in the kidneys from urine that is too concentrated. Urea is the by-product of protein synthesis. Do not abuse pain killers or central nervous system depressants or prescription medications or street drugs. Drug abuse robs the body of nutrients by requiring tissues to expend them to metabolize and excrete the abused drug. 2). There are some foods which are either detrimental to processes of your immune system, the villi of the intestines or the proper flow of blood to your body's tissues. You may learn the science of eating the right foods for your ABO blood group which protect and renew these resources by reading and watching material published by Peter J. D'Adamo ND.3). Learn about and practice juicing raw vegetables for their nutrients. (Check my complete profile for my youtube channel web site where a video on basic juicing is listed in my favorite videos.) PLEASE NOTE:In his book "Garry Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet" PH.D. Garry Null recommends on page 270 That "... if you have diabetes, or another health condition, are pregnant, or on medication, consult your health care professional before you start a new dietary routine such as juicing, because you don't want to be using foods that are contraindicated."


Clarence Dember said...

Bioflora bacteria are a good addition to the diet as they help digest food and displace harmful bacteria.

Clarence Dember said...

Also the Robert Kenner film "FOOD, INC." is an important information treasure trove on exactly what is getting into our food supply these days.