Friday, October 24, 2014

Obama theater; more tragedy and hope?

I think this Obama administration is interesting. The magnanimous and risky gesture of keeping the airline flights operating to bring military aid to a potentially unstable state of affairs in the hot zones there is a singularly remarkable phenomena. Humans are being served by corporations. In a modern time where humans have been reduced to cash cows for the profit of multinational big pharma, meda and military industrial complex; we have an oasis of philanthropy no doubt the mineral and energy resources in the "hot zone" have provided the compelling draw card in this latest dance with death.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Confront your accusers

When you have not instigated an offense, provided your accusers don't have weapons confront the calumny they are attempting to attach to you. Be direct. Use the facts at hand. Be respectful. Show why your interpretations of the situation differ from the accusers. People will lie and dramatize their plights to create a loss of your option to utilize the power they covet which only you possess. Have enough of a back bone to stand up to them. Hold your own in their pejorative attempt to ruin your chance at avoiding the welfare state. Your life is the sum of your character, not their flimsy accusitorial screed.