Monday, February 24, 2014

Wages versus income.

Great thoughts always. One thing is troubling however. Why do we keep referring to people's wages as income?  The Supreme Court has said the question of whether an income is being earned turns on "gains" not an equal trade of working hours by human individuals for money as is found in wages. So then banks treat all wages deposited as gains and IRS taxes them as though they were derived from gains. The 16th ammendment allows this conflation to occur; but only amongst wage earning bank customers who subscribe to the proprietary boilerplate (the bank writ bank customers become signatory to when opening an account) which turnes wages into income.  If we continue to treat income earning corporations as persons, can there ever be a rational perportional understanding of the dynamics in economies as it pertains to the consumer credit and earnings in wages among flesh and blood men and women beyond the Amish?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cancer cures

Please go to youtube and search Stanislaw Burzinski PHD MD. This dedicated researcher physician has the answers. He practices in Texas and he is doing what health care professionals are supposed to do.